Broken Glass is the 2nd episode in Stories From The SPCA. Previous:Our Horrible New Home, the SPCA


[Peppa and her gang are seen eating their food]

Pedro: *sigh* It's useless, we're NEVER going to get out of here!

Danny and Suzy: Yeah.

Peppa: Gang, don't say that, we'll find a way to get out of here sooner or later.

Danny: Yeah, like we are!

Peppa: Danny!

Danny: Whatever!

[Then, Suzy spotted a piece of glass cracking]

Suzy: Hey gang, I think I found something.

Danny: What?

Pedro: What is it?

Peppa: Show us Suzy.

Suzy: I can make a weak spot in the floor with this shard of glass!

Everyone else: Hooray for Suzy!

Suzy: The spots done now to just- hay ya! The floor has been chipped! Just dig a little!


Danny: The tunnel's been dug, Now to escape! (Next: About to Get Out)

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