Burst, A.P.P.A Owner

Burst is the biggest hater of Peppa Pig, he wants to get the show off the air and get rid of all merchandice and Close Peppa Pig World for good and replace it with a B&M Hyper coaster. Burst is also the owner of A.P.P.A (Anti Peppa Pig Agency), the biggest hater group for Peppa Pig. He also holds the Bazook o Matic, which he stole from Grampy Rabbit. Burst died after Peppa destroyed the entire World.

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Drink: Sprite

From: Robloxia

Likes, Kerbal Space Program, Planet Coaster, Roblox, Geometry Dash

Dislikes Peppa Pig, Rosie And Robbie Rabbit