Mummy McKenzie: *knocks on playgroup door*

Madame Gazelle: Yes? *opens door* Why are you here! I don't know you.

Peppa: That's Bertram's mum!

Mummy McKenzie: Good, Peppa and her friends are here. I'd like to tell you that tommorow, Me, Bertram and Brianna are going back to Scotland. But it's just a holiday.

Peppa: Oh, that's terrible!

Mummy McKenzie: Peppa, don't worry. You can come to wave goodbye to us when we leave.

Peppa: Can I really?

Mummy McKenzie: Of course. So can everyone in your family. If It weren't for you lot, we'd have nowhere to stay on our first days here!

Peppa: Oh yes!

Madame Gazelle: *rings bell* Time to play, everyone!

[The class goes outside]

Peppa: Bertram, why are you here?

Bertram: Me and Brianna had to stay here while our mum talked to you.

Peppa: Of course!

Mummy McKenzie: Bertram, Brianna, time to go home!

Bertram & Brianna: Yes, Mum!

[The McKenzie family leave]

The next day....

[The Pig family and the other friends of the McKenzie family arrive at the airport]

Peppa: Bye, Bertram! Good luck!

Bertram: Don't worry! I'll be okay!

Brianna: So will I! *giggles*

Microphone: Flight 2184 to Glasgow has landed.

Bertram: That's us, mum!

Mummy McKenzie: It is!

[Bertram, Brianna and Mummy McKenzie get into the plane and it takes off]

All the McKenzie family's friends: BYE!!!! *wave goodbye*

Bertram: Bye!

Brianna: Bye bye!

[The plane flies offscreen]

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