The California Gurls Parody is a single on Peppa Pig's new album "Piggy Dream". On the booklet, it is named "Peppatown Animals"


The video begins with Peppa on a tree. She jumps off it, then kills Danny Dog. She teleports to a cloud and is seen laying on it, naked. Then, she goes to a beach and pushes chocolate into her mouth. It cuts back to her on the cloud, with chocolate covering her vagina. It cuts back to a beach, where Peppa attaches guns to her chest and shoots everyone else at the beach.

Danny Dog: This parody is crap!

Peppa Pig: Danny Dog, don't say that! *stabs Danny* Warm, wet and wild
There is Katy Perry's dissected ass in the ocean
Sipping alcohol naked on a beach
I killed Danny Dog
He was a dumb asshole


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