Mummy Pig: Ahhhh. Isn't the Peppaland countryside beautiful?

Daddy Pig: Why don't I take Peppa and George camping there?

Tobias: Peppa's so little and George is even littler! I should go!

Daddy Pig: But aren't you meeting up with the other big kids tonight?

Tobias: Oh yeah. Well, gotta go! *leaves*

Peppa: Where should we camp?

Daddy Pig: We should camp in the Peppatown forest.

Peppa: You mean the place we went to celebrate The Local Shops not being demolished? (flashback to Local Shops' Last Sight)

Daddy Pig: Yes. Well, let's start packing for it! Peppa, George, what will you bring?

Peppa: That's easy. Teddy.

George: Dine-saw! Rrrrrr!

Daddy Pig: Okay. I'll pack the tent and sleeping bags. I'll CERTAINLY fit in the tent this time because Mummy Pig won't be there. It is, after all, a different tent.

Peppa: Wow! Let's go!

[Daddy Pig, Peppa and George drive to the Peppatown forest]

Daddy Pig: Let's light a fire, roast marshmallows on it and tell spooky stories. I know the spookiest one yet!

Peppa: What is it?

Daddy Pig: The Legend of Heropig.

Peppa: Is Heropig a superhero?

Daddy Pig: I can't tell you the story until we've lit the fire and started roasting the marshmallows. *starts fire*

[Daddy Pig, Peppa and George roast themselves a marshmallow each]

Peppa: So, what's the story of Heropig?

Daddy Pig: Well, in this exact forest, there lived a little piggy named Heropig who was just like George...

Peppa: What's so spooky about THAT?

Daddy Pig:...who had white eyes. He had a sister, HeroPeppa and HeroPeppa had a best friend, HeroSuzy. HeroPeppa and HeroSuzy also had white eyes. Heropig himself loved to interrupt people's sentences, throw fire from his hands without burning them, flying and much more terrifying stuff. He toted around a toy dinosaur, which may or may not be a weapon.

Peppa: Boy, that really IS spooky! *eats roasted marshmallow*

George: *eats roasted marshmallow*

Daddy Pig: Time for bed! *shows Peppa and George into tent*

Peppa: Where are the beds again?

Daddy Pig: Remember how we had to use sleeping bags?

[Peppa and George get into their sleeping bags]

In the morning...

Peppa: Camping was fun!

Daddy Pig: We should do it again sometime!

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