Suzy: *turns up with her toy owl and a luggage bag*

Danny: *turns up with his toy spaceship and a luggage bag*

Pedro: *turns up with Parrot Balloon and a luggage bag*

Peppa: Ah, good. You're all here to camp in the treehouse.

[Emily and her clique turn up]

Emily: You're really going to camp in that old treehouse? That'd be too tough for people like you, except for you, Danny. I've got a crush on you.

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: It's not too tough for US, Emma-Poo!!

Emily: We'll see about that.

[She and her clique leave and the sun goes down]

Mummy Pig: Peppa! Time for your bedtime routines!

Peppa: Okay! *goes into the house and later comes out with Teddy and a luggage bag* Well, gang, I'm ready.

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: We'll get ready!

After they got ready....

[They all get into the treehouse, unpack their bags, get their sleeping bags out, put on their pyjamas and get into their sleeping bags]

Suzy: I can't wait for the midnight feast!

Peppa: Neither can I!

Danny: Or me!

Suzy: And I brought some food for us including cinnamon swirls, Fruti Candy and cheesy weenies. *gets midnight feast food out*

Peppa: Looks delicious! *sees Mummy Pig coming* That's my mum! Hide the midnight feast, Suzy!

Suzy: *hides the midnight feast in her luggage bag*

Mummy Pig: Goodnight, Peppa. If anything bothers you, you can come inside with me and George!

Peppa: I won't need to!

Mummy Pig: *leaves*

Peppa: Hey, let's tell spooky stories! I've got one and it's about a flying white-eyed doppelgänger of my little brother George called Heropig. Here's how it goes — Heropig, as I told you, had white eyes and can fly. He had a sister called HeroPeppa, loved to interrupt people's sentences, throw fire from his bare hands without burning them and much more terrifying stuff. He toted around a toy dinosaur, which may or may not've been a weapon.

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Wow, spooky!

Suzy: And now it's time for the midnight feast!

[They all eat cinnamon swirls, Fruti Candy and cheesy weenies]

Peppa: Mmm, what a delicious midnight feast! *yawns*

[Suzy, Danny and Pedro yawn too and they all, including Peppa, fall asleep]

Later, in the morning....

Peppa: *wakes up and sees Emily, Lisa and Brianna passing by* Hey, Emily! We survived the camp!

Emily: What?

Peppa: Yup.

Mummy Pig: *comes outside* Peppa! Suzy! Danny! Pedro! Come and get your Corn Flakes!

Pedro: But I eat Rice Krispies.

Mummy Pig: Well, Pedro, you can have those. We have them.

Danny: And I eat Coco Pops.

Mummy Pig: We also have those, Danny.

Suzy: And I eat Froot Loops.

Mummy Pig: Sorry, Suzy, but we don't have those. But I'll pop down to the grocer and get them. *goes to the local grocer and later comes back with a box of Froot Loops* Here you go, Suzy. Froot Loops just for you.

[The kids go into the house and eat their cereal]

[Mummy Dog, Mummy Sheep and Mummy Pony arrive]

Peppa: Bye, gang!

Suzy, Danny and Pedro: Bye, Peppa!

[Their parents take them home]

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