For the spin-off, see Candy Cat (series).

Candace "Candy" Cat is a sweet but secondary character of Peppa Pig series who isn't allowed near sharp objects. She is a cat and is one of Peppa's friends. Candy's first appearance is in the episode "The Playgroup", in this episode she doesn't say anything, but she only giggles in it.

In 1980 series, she was first appeared in the episode "Candy Cat".


She has orange skin, white whiskers, and a cute little pink noes. She wears a turquoise dress and she wears black shoes.

She wore a yellow dress with white spots and a yellow hat with a magenta ribbon tied in a bow at the front of her hat in Poppies and Puddles.



  • She does not appear as often as most other children in the show.
  • She knows how to imitate tigers, because tigers are big cats.
  • She knows a lot about fish, as seen in the episode "The Aquarium".
    • She likes fish.


  • It is suggested that she is too old to go to playgroup anymore but had to repeat it due to her unintelligence.
  • Candy has her own PigTube account called "candylongnose" which her mother Mrs. Cat made because Candy knows little about computers.
  • She got sent home from Playgroup in George gets Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection and Peppa ressurects due to talking about philosophy.
  • In PEPDROPINYFTW's Fanon she has 9 lives.
  • She's with the Illuminati.

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