Canpakes is the 3rd special episode from Pippa pork.


Muma pork: Wake up Pippa and Girge! We're having canpakes for breakfast!

Pippa: What the hell are canpakes?

Girge: 2sp00ky4me [Researches canpakes on GamePig]

Girge: Canpakes are a delicious breakfast that people eat.

Pippa: Okay! Let's try them!

[Pippa and Girge run downstairs]

Muma pork: Today is a day for canpakes!

Father pork: Canpakes! Delicious!

NarRATor: Everybody loves canpakes!

Pippa: I've never tried them so how can I love them?

NarRATor: Oh...

Muma pork: [Puts 69 canpake mixes in the oven]

Father pork: I think that's a bit too much!

Muma pork: What do you mean? [Puts 360 more canpakes in the oven]

Pippa: Maybe she's meant to put that much in...

Muma pork: Damn right [Puts in 32423100432 more]

Pippa: Ummmm..

Susan lamb (From outside): I smell canpakes!

Rabba bunny: Me too!

Doner protection: I want some?

Pippa: U wan shum m9s?

Porman horse: YES!!!

Pippa: Well you can't have any hahaha!!!

Porman horse: NYAAAA!!!! [Smashes window]

Pippa: NO STOOP!!!!

[Everybody rushes in and tries to steal canpake mixes]

Muma pork: What the AHHH! [Turns heat to max]

All the mixes cook at once, releasing enough eat to tear the Pippaverse apart.

RIP Pippaverse once again :(



  • Just like Gramgram pork, Muma pork also puts too many things in the oven.
  • Canpakes look like a steak and a pancake combined.
  • Canpakes are very rare to eat, as it will end the pippaverse.

A canpake