Cecil Cockroach is a cockroach character in Peppa Pig.


Cecil appears to have a brown body with 2 antennas and 6 legs, 2 wings that cover his brown body and 2 spikes on his back. He also has a brown thorax and giant black eyes.


Unlike the rest of his trio, he resurrected by being defrosted in Return of the Wasps and became good after death. He dies after being tossed into the freezer in Candy Cat's house by Saxon Spider and Toby Tarantula in, Tiny Riser.


Season 25

  • The Yippee Kai Yay! (debut)
  • A demon's bug
  • Flori's date
  • Queen Wasp's takeover
  • The food mayhem
  • Cecil the Necromancer
  • Night Out: Night at In-N-Out
  • Night Out: Night at McDonalds
  • Night Out: Night at Pizza Hut

Season 26

  • Fall of the Wasps
  • Off to New Orleans
  • Dawn at New Orleans
  • Queen's Wasp's revenge
  • Tiny Riser (death)
  • Return of the Wasps (latest appearance; resurrection)