Centró Pig is the First Episode of Undhee's Fanon.


Peppa Saying the Title Card: Centró Pig.

Narrator: Today is a Wonderful Day.

Screen Pans to Centró Buying Himself a Apple.

Centró Pig: Hm... O que eu faço? (Hm... What do I Do?)

Peppa: Who Are You-

Centró Pig: AUGH! Não faz o susto mim! (AUGH! Don't Scare Me!)

Peppa: What Language is That?

Daddy Pig: That's Portuguese, Peppa.

Peppa: Oh, Did You Learn English, Portuguese Person?

Centró Pig: Yes, But I'm Brazilian.

George: What is Brazilian?

Daddy: Brazilian is an Demonym of Brazil.

Peppa: AAH! We Did Not Include Brazil at the International Day.

George: Maybe Later.

Peppa: Okay.

Centró Pig: My House is Near the Playgroup.

Peppa: What Happens if Madame Gazelle First Come to Your House?

Centró Pig: Great Question, She First Come to my House when You are in the Playgroup, Then I Met Her.

Peppa: Okay, Wanna Sleepover in my House?

Centró Pig: Sure!

Peppa: But First, What is Your Name?

Centró Pig: Me? Centró Pig.

Peppa: Okay.


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