Peppa and her gang looking at the toy catalogue

Chapter 1 of 2 MANY CROSSOVERS


[opens up on the neighborhood, where Peppa and her gang are looking at a toy catalogue]

Peppa: Look there's these new toys!

Suzy: They look creepy.

Pedro: Why does that one have purple hair?

Danny: Look, another one has blue hair!

Peppa: These "Lalaloopsy" dolls are weird.

Danny: Look there's three more!

Suzy: And they're the hottest ones available!

Pedro: Bea Spells-a-Lot......Crumbs Sugar Cookie........Tippy Tumblelina.

Peppa: Hey, these are the hottest ones available, right?

Pedro, Suzy, and Danny: Yeeaaaaah.

Peppa: Well, Emily and her copycat clone club Lisa and Brianna are the top students in playgroup, right?

Pedro, Suzy, and Danny: Yeeaaaaaah.

Peppa: Then I have a feeling I don't like these three dolls.

Emily: You big bubus. If those three dolls are the most popular, then everyone should buy them!

Lisa: I agree.

Brianna: Even more.

Peppa: *grinding teeth* Its just that those three remind me of you three, grrrr.

Suzy: I say all seven of us go shopping to check out these weird dolls.

Pedro: But what about our OTHER toys?

Danny: We're not gonna buy them, Pedro. Dolls are for girls. We're just gonna check them out.

Emily: Wait, WE? I'm not going shopping with Peppa.

Peppa: I'm not going shopping with Emmy-Wart!

[Suzy, Pedro, Danny, Lisa, and Brianna give puppy-eyes to both of them]

Emily and Peppa: OKAY, OKAY!!!

[at the toy store, the Lalaloopsies are on the shelves, in their boxes]

Peanut: Augh, I can't breathe in this thing!

Patch: I think I'm gonna die.

Bea: You silly dumbheads. We're dolls, we can't die!

Ace: And how do you know?

Bea: Because I am so perfect! I am the smartest person in Lalaloopsy Land, and me and Tippy and Crumbs and far more superior to you dorks! Except for you, Ace.

Ace: Yucgh! I hate you, Bea!

Marina: I think some kids are gonna buy us!

Peppa: Man, these things look more creepy in person.

Suzy: *looks on the back of Marina's box* This one is a sailor, but is afraid to swim? That doesn't make any sense.

Pedro: *looks on Bea's box* Why does she have a pet owl? Owls are nocturnal.

Peppa: And this Peanut girl has an elephant, but its so tiny. If only Emily was like that.

Danny: Well, at least I'm glad they have some boys.

Peppa: Let's go home.

Patch: Wait, buy us!

Peppa, Suzy, Danny, Pedro, Emily, Lisa, and Brianna: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!


Peppa, Suzy, Danny, Pedro, Emily, Lisa, Brianna, Rebecca, Candy, Jimmy and Colina: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

Danny: This is more scary than Angela Anaconda!

Peppa: Everyone! To my house!

[at Peppa's house, her gang, and even Emily's clique, AND Rebecca, Candy, Jimmy and Colina were all watching TV]

Angela: My name is Angela, hey hello!


[but the remote was broken. After the theme song, the Lalaloopsies sing THEIR theme song]

Peppa: Not them again!

Suddenly, a swirling vortex appeared in front of the TV. Angela and her friends, and the Lalaloopsies were sucked into it. Everyone except Rebecca, Candy, Jimmy and Colina all got sucked in it too!


[in another world]

Peppa: Huh, where am I???

Peanut: I am Peanut Big Top, and you're in Lalaloopsy Land!

Peppa: Wait...aren't you the doll I saw at Toys "4" Kids?

Peanut: An evil entrepreneur named MGA is trying to take us away and sell us. This smarty pants little miss perfect girl names Bea thinks it is doing us a lot of good, but I sure don't think so.

Peppa: Bea sounds like this mean faux-African girl named Emily Elephant. And I hate Bea too.

Peanut: I also hate Emily.

Peppa: Where are your friends, like the sailor with the whale, or the mechanic who I think likes you?

Peanut: I don't know.......

Peppa: Maybe they got sucked into another dimension!!!

[Angela appears]

Peppa: AAH!

Angela: Why hello, Peppa.

Peanut: Grey skin? And they say button eyes are creepy.

Angela: *puts Peanut and Peppa in a bag* *teleports to Uniqua's backyard*

In Uniqua's backyard...

Uniqua: Hello! Uniqua here!

Angela: *appears* Hello to you, Uniqua!


Angela: *puts her in the bag*

Pablo: Uniqua! NOOOOO!

Angela: Back off, nerdy bird! *teleports to Strawberry Shortcake Land*


Angela: You can run, but you can't hide! *puts her in the bag* *teleports to Planned Pines*


[Peppa, Uniqua and Peanut get out and pant]

Angela: Back in, all of you! *puts them and Sheree back in the bag* That's all of 'em! *teleports to her backyard* *climbs into the treehouse*

[The floor opens and she falls to her lab]

Angela: *releases Peppa and co.*

Peppa: *pants*

Peanut: Why am I being prevented from breathing so much today? Oh, goodness! *runs to a cage* Marina, Ace, Patch! I'll get you out of there!

Marina: Get us out?

Ace: We love it!

Peanut: Seriously. You hate being stuck in packages, but a cage is just fine? *opens the door* Unlocked. *goes in* You know, guys, I can see where you're coming from. Let's catch up!

Uniqua: It's a trap!

[She, Strawberry and Sheree run in]

Uniqua: You know, this is nice, actally.

Mrs. Anaconda (offscreen): Angela! Dinner!

Angela: Don't go thinking you can get away, little pig! *goes*

Peppa: Well, I can't rescue them. Guess I'll just have a walk around. *walks around*

[There is a bottle of Hypno Cleen]

Peppa: That smells familiar. Wait, Angela must've used it in the cage!

[The text changes to Hyper Cleen]

Peppa: Never mind, it's just Hyper Cleen. What can one cage do anyway? *goes into the cage*

[The cage locks itself]


Mrs. Anaconda: Angela! Don't you want dessert?

Angela (lying): Too unhealthy.

Mr. Anaconda: That's not like you!

Angela: *goes to her lab* Alright, Peppa... *sees her in the cage* Oh. ...let's have some fun together! Come on, everyone!

[Everyone gets out of the cage]

Angela: What would you like to do, everyone?

Peppa: Let's go to the park to jump up and down in muddy puddles!

Peanut: That sounds fun!

Uniqua: Yeah!

Angela: Sure!

At the park....

Nanette: Stole some of Baby Lulu's toys, did you, Angela?

[She, January and Karlene laugh]

Angela: You don't bother us, Ninny Poo!

Sheree: Yeah!

[They jump in muddy puddles]

That night...

Peppa: That midnight feast was delicious.

Strawberry: *eats some strawberry shortcake*


Sheree: Good one, Uniqua!

Angela: *evil laugh*

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