Charlie Bear & Friends is a fictional comedy television series, exclusively on Peppa Pig, which is Daddy Pig's favorite show. It features the main character, Charlie Bear, who is extremely childish of Charlie Bear's failed attempts to perform a task (like turning on the shower). In the upcoming Peppa Pig Episode: Daddy Pig's Depression, Charlie Bear and Friends was finally cancelled for a limited time which made Daddy Pig really upset. Up until an unrelated spin-off Fishy and friends was cancelled and Charlie Bear and Friends returned in 2014 after a hiatus.

It is extremely successful, getting a movie adaption, and a video game starring Charlie Bear.

Theme Song

Time for Charlie Bear
Who likes Charlie Bear?
We like Charlie Bear
Everybody loves Charlie Bear
Who got Charlie Bear?
Where's Charlie Bear?
There's Charlie Bear!
He's got everything that you need
He likes to eat food and stuff
But Charlie Bear, he's... he's awesome
Here's the Charlie Bear show
Doh doh doh doh!

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