Charlie is a chipmunk. He is 4.5 years old. He has a purple shirt. He also has glasses.

Charlie Chipmunk

He is a close friend of Peppa. He likes to play Follow the Leader and Hopscotch.

He has his mummy and daddy. He also has a baby sister named Cindy.

He first appears in "Charlie Chipmunk".

Charlie will appear in the episodes below:

  • Charlie Chipmunk
  • New Leaf
  • The Baby Chipmunk
  • Charlie's Holiday
  • Cindy's Play Time
  • The Bike Race
  • Charlie's Sleepover
  • Cindy at the Playgroup
  • Disco
  • Charlie's Playdate
  • Naughty Cindy
  • Charlie's Snow Day


  • In Liopleurodons' fandom, he looks like a fanmade Alvin and The Chipmunks character.

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