Che Toy tuboard is the 12th episode of season 2, and the 27th episode overall.


The basket explodes, so the have to buy a toy tuboard.


Pippa pork: I'm done playing with my dolls, and my house, and my boots.

Basket: *in Soujia Boy's voice* YOUUUU *KABOMB!*

Pippa: Muma pork

Muma pork: What is it! You still owe me for when you almost killed me in Porman's pough.

Pippa: Oh yeah... Father pork!!!!!!

Father pork: *in Ren Hoek's voice* What ees eet, woman!

Pippa: We need a toytuboard.

Father: Let's bye one.

Pippa: But then who will look after Girge.

Muma: Tear pork will.

Girge:  (cut to flashback of Prampy Dabbit's Rinosaur Gark) Sweet!

Muma: Lets go.

At the store

Father: Do you have a toy tuboard?

Mr. Full: (in Spanish) No, no lo hacemos! No hablo Ingles. (sings BFS' "No Hablo Ingles" in Spanish)

Pippa: Shoot!

At the house

Tear: Do you want to go to the Gamepigs stostore, Girge?

Girge: Heck yeah!!!!!11!!

back to the formers....

Pippa: We will never find a toy tuboard.

???: I know where you can find a toy tuboard.

Pippa: Hooray

at the herolair

Pippa: You said this was free!

HeroPippa: No I didn't say this it was free!

Porks( Not girge ): Ahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Heropippa: I'll get you crazy kids.

With the others.

Girge: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhn!!!!!!!!!!

Tear: Weeee! (Crashes)

back to them.

All: Arghhhh!

Heropippa: Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Here's a note.

Pippa: What this?

Note: Ajdndniwis sdnjdjsjsjsmsdjdux, e ejwskdekdkdnejsjjwjsnsnd jdjdncbdbjddjdjsiissidwe! Skajdam, HeroPippa

Father: I can't read, squat!

Heropippa: IT MEANS "HELLO KIDS, I SHALT TAKE OVER THE WORLD! Signed, HeroPippa" (Takes over the pippaverse.)

Pippa: Ahhh

Rest: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhn!!!!!!!!!

HONK *Whole world shapes back up, and HeroPippa dies*

Pippa: Huh? Whatzi-- (sees ???) WTDJSOPSPDOKPOKPOK is your name?!

Lottle Riy: LOTTLE RIY! *he's lottle riy* I'm the best comedic guy ever, and this is Gorilla. I will take over the pi- *both gorilla and riy die*


Bespicable Dear: Bespicable Dear! PUNCH ATTACK! MUSCLE FOOT KICK! *death*


Pippa: Now what? Dat and Dosh, Aswold or Iibo? GASP!

Peppa: PEEEEEPPA PIG! Oink oink!

Pippa: My #1, 4045084039553449609384096% evil, totally mortal enemy, Peppa! *uses slingshot* NYAAAA! *oink*

  • Peppa dies*




  • Don't read this.