Chef PiggerJack
Chef PiggerJack is Peppa's Great Great Grandfather and Daddy Pig's Grandfather and Daddy Pig's Great Grandfather. He is also the Leader of The Chunky Meanies


Chef PiggerJack is mean-spirited, greedy and hellish


Peppa Pig: Origins

He Appears in the spin-off Peppa Pig: Origins

Super Titan

he appears in the Peppa Pig special Super Titan


  • he is shown to be extremely mean
  • he hates Peppa and all the other members of the pig family
  • in Chef PiggerJack's Evil Backstory it was revealed that he's evil because he was captured by bullies when he was a kid and forced to join them he agreed and joined them they bullied loads of people but when the bullies died he gone solo
  • in Super Titan he is killed by Daddy Pig this apparently is non-canon since he is still shown in the show

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