Cherie Pig

Cherie Pig is Peppa's eldest sister. She drives a blue sports convertible, and in the episode "Sports Day", she keeps crashing it. Despite having her own house in the real world she frequently visits her family from time to time by going through the manhole portal back to the Peppaverse. She has to go back to the Peppaverse when Daddy Pig sends her a text telling Cherie to pay the bills.


She is 21 years old but her face makes her look 14. She has pink skin. Cherie wears a dark yellow dress and her shoes are black.

When she married her boyfriend Michael Pig, Cherie wore a white dress with a veil and the dress' skirt was extremely puffy and had 152 layers and the sleeves were also puffy, but they were 82 times less puffier. The wedding dress also has silver embroidery, and long white evening gloves. She also has a flower band around her head. The wedding dress also has a high slit.

She wears a purple crop top and black trousers in her athletic gear.


  • Cherie loves playing pranks on her younger siblings, although Cherie is very good.
  • Cherie's dress was originally going to be deep blue, but it was later changed to dark yellow.
  • Cherie often goes for a drive, such as the episode "Dance Class".
  • Cherie and her boyfriend Michael seem to be the only animals not to go back home to the Peppaverse, although she sometimes visits and also had her wedding in the Peppaverse.
  • Cherie and her boyfriend's models took 17 hours to do even though they were computer-animated. This was because how thick their body figures were. During the animated segment, it was very hard to draw Cherie and her boyfriend's models and took much longer and incorporate them into the episode. Because her wedding dress was so puffy, it took 14 weeks to draw the skirt and sleeves.
  • She is very smart.

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