Peppa Pig: Can you buy the Japanese edition of "The Gazelles Are Back" by The Rocking Gazelles?

Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig: That album has a Parental Advisory sticker! So no!

Cherie Pig: Use brains, there is a clean version. I'll take Peppa to HMV.

[cuts to Cherie and Peppa at HMV]

Cherie: You can buy that CD and something else. I want you to have two items to buy.

Peppa: [gets the clean version of The Gazelles Are Back by The Rocking Gazelles and Tragedy by Mia Horse]

James Johnson: *buying a clean version of Poison* Another lousy day. I'm getting too old and I've been recently been diagnosed with Cancer.

Cherie: Look! It's James Johnson.

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