Chloe: Everyone i am going to fly (goes to grand cannon and jumps off it and then gets hit by a plane) curse you gravity. (explodes)

later at Chloe's funeral,

Chloe: (gets berried) wow I'm dead and a ghost which means (flies) I CAN FLY (singing) I can fly so very high and touch the sky and no one will ask why i can't fly again because i can fly! (wakes up and stops singing) oh...I AM GONNA FLY AGAIN (goes to grand cannon and jumps of it and gets hit by a plane and falls the rest of the way)

later at the hospital,

Auntie Pig: doctor is there any thing you can do

Doctor Brown Bear: yes were going to give her this injection that will turn her into a dog by tomorrow and she'll be back to normal by the next day. (gives Chloe the shot)

1 day later,

Chloe: I'm a dog

another day later,

Chloe: I'M A PIG AGAIN!!!!

The End