Cibybles is the 1st special episode from Pippa Pork.


Pippa: I'm riding cibybles with Girge!!!

Muma: Girge isn't on his GamePig for once!

Girge: Cibybles are a lot more fun than they look!

Father: Hey Muma, check out this giant totato I planted!

Muma: Woah, magnificent!

Father: It's the only thing I can grow!

Muma: Noob alert!

Father: Shut the hell up or you will die.

Muma: [Flashback to Gaddy Hoses Dis Llasses] Ok.

Pippa: What type of cibyble do you have, Girge? Mine is the turbo-cike 2000.

Girge: Mine is the trike-cike 1500!

Pippa: That's a noob cibyble!

Girge: Shut the f...

Doner protection: Your's is a noob cibyble as well, Pippa!

Everyone: OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Rabba bunny: They're stupid XD

Susan lamb: Ullol!!!

Pippa: I'll show you the noobs! [Does a 686767548 km leap off the hill and lands with a thunderous crash]

Rabba bunny: Woah that was awesome!

Pippa: And now for the finale! [Goes on the hill at a speed of 342423km/s]

Muma: Pippa! Look out, you're going to crash into the giant totato!

Pippa: OH NO!!!!! [Crashes]

Totato explodes

RIP in pierogi Pippa :(

You will not be missed.


Muma: Censored! Censoreding Censored! Censored!!!! THAT Censored daughter of a Censored!!!

Girge: Doesn't that make you the Censored then?

Muma: Oh



Pippa in her customised Turbo-cike 2000, wearing a translate-ultra helmet

Girge Cibyble

Girge in his Trike-Cike 1500 and wielding his spark blaster.


  • This is the first special episode
  • Cibybles are a type of advanced Bicycle
  • Turbo-cikes 2000 are noob cibibyles, Mega-cikes 5000 are the ones pros use

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