Come To Your Brother is a song by Sea Country Island rock band Yusus Tavoli. It was released as a single in 2000.


(Verse 1)
The last fire will rise
Behind those eyes
Black house will rock
Blind dogs don't lie
In more to fear
That voice will clear
Through broken walls
That scream out here

Come, come to your brother

(Verse 2)
Blue muscle ring
Strangers move and come
When will they love?
There's loneliness
Temptation meat
Beats right in the drum
Deep in your friends
I will not lie


(Verse 3)
My shine will lock
I can't forget
Why you were mine
I need you now


Music video

The music video was filmed on December 1, 1991. It also appeared on the Special Edition VHS, and even appeared on the DVD of the 2005 version.


  • This song is based on "Cry Little Sister" by Gerard McMahon.

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