Peppa and George cook with mummy pig.




Narrator: Peppa and her family are eating breakfast.

Daddy Pig: I gotta go, or i'll be late for work!

(daddy walks off and peppa follows him)

Peppa: Daddy what do you do at work?

Daddy: Lots of things!

Peppa: Like what?

Daddy: I dont have enough time to talk right now

(daddy hops in the car)

Daddy: See you later!

(mummy and george come out of the house)

Mummy: Peppa, I willl be cooking. Would you like to help?

Peppa: Help? Yes, Please!

Mummy: Okay, Come in!

(peppa comes in)

Mummy: We will be making a soup today.

Peppa: But how do we make it with nothing?

Mummy: Oh, (walks into the fridge and grabs ingredients) I almost forgot them!

Mummy: Now has anyone seen the cooking book?

(georges runs off)

(george comes back with the cooking book)

Mummy: Thank you, George!

George: (oink) (oink)

Mummy: I will do the slicing.

George: Why?

Mummy: Because it is dangerous.

George: Why?

Mummy: Because I don't want you to get cut.

(George pauses and then crys)

Mummy: It's okay George, you wont get cut.

Mummy: Okay, The book says we need to rip the lettuce into peices.

Peppa: That's easy!

(george and peppa rip the lettuce)

Mummy: Okay, thats enough. You can put it in the pot now!

(peppa and george put lettuce in pot)

Mummy: Now we need 1/2 a cup of water.

Peppa: How do we know what 1/2 a cup is?

Mummy: Use this measuring cup, and fill it up to 1/2 a cup.

Peppa: Okay!

(peppa fills up to half a cup and comes back)

Mummy: Now pour it in the pot!

(peppa pours water in the bowl)

Mummy: Now the rest I will do, you can watch or play some games.

Peppa: I want to watch!

(george runs off)

Mummy: And i guess George wants to play. *giggle*


(daddy comes home)

Narrator: Daddy is back from work.

Daddy: I'm home!

(peppa runs to daddy)

Peppa: Daddy! Come eat! Me and george helped mummy cook!

Daddy: *ho ho ho* It must be good!

Peppa: It will!

(peppa and daddy walk into the kitchen)

Daddy: Oh, A soup!

Mummy: Peppa and George helped with the soup!

(daddy tastes)

Daddy: It tastes amazing!

Peppa: That's because me and George helped.

(everyone laughs)

(credits roll


- Peppa and George did not really contribute to the cooking very much.

- Possibly the shortest episode in the peppa pig series being 4 minutes 28 seconds long.