As Pedro's fate is sealed by Grandad Dog, the Dome blackens, and the mysterious Monarch is revealed.


(The scene opens up in Freddy's Room where Freddy,Danny,Suzy,A Hungry Mrs. Black Bear,and Mrs. Zebra watch as the Monarch Butterfly hatches fromm the Cocoon)

Mrs. Zebra: *gulps* W-What's Going On? I want to Know as W-Well!

Danny: Let Me Explain, You see,We believe the Egg is the Cause of The Dome.

Suzy: And Me and Danny can comunnicate with it.

Danny: And it releayed us the Message called "The Monarch WIll Be Crowned"

Mrs. Black Bear: *roars* I WANT-*Mrs. Zebra holds her back, preventing her from touching the Egg*

Freddy: I've never seen ANYTHING Like This.

(The scene switches back to The Police Station)

Grandad Dog: *Angrily* Get IN Here! *He angrily drags Pedro into the Sheriff's Office*

Pedro: (nervously)  AGH! L-Let Me G-Go!

Grandad Dog: How Come You DIDN"T Plead Guilty!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Like We AGREED TOO!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!

Pedro: (Nerously) P-Peppa's Still Out There! And When She C-Comes Forward, You'll Story Will F-Fall Apart!

(The scene then switches to the Dome, where Edmond looking at it)

Edmond: How Come You Want Me To Kill My Boss!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!?!?!?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!?!?!?!/

(The scene switches to The Hospitial where Peppa,Mummy Pig,George,and Penny are)

Peppa: Penny?

Penny: Yes?

Peppa: I want to leave to exonerate Pedro. *starts to leave*

Penny: Wait! *stops Peppa from leaving with Mummy Pig and George* You can't Leave! Grandad Dog will have you killed to Silence You!

Peppa: *gasps and sits back down with the others*

(The scene switches back to Freddy's House)

Mrs. Zebra: Everyone! Back Away From the Mini-Dome Thing! It IS Police Property!

(Everyone stands back and Mrs. Black Bear is crazily eating a Big Piece of Bread and forgets about getting the Egg)

(The Butterly starts fluttering around the Mini-Dome, but each time it hits a Suface that part weirdly turns black)

Fredddy: *gasps* What's Happening!?!?

Danny: *gulps* I'm Not S-Sure.

(The scene switches back to the Police Station)

Pedro: Ah! *gets locked up in a Cell* I H-Hate This!

Grandad Dog: Well, You Should!

Pedro: (Nervously and Angrily) You WON"T Go down without me taking YOU with me!

(The scene switches back to Freddy's Room)

Freddy: T-Those Spot T-Things Are Starting To Spread!

Suzy: *gulps*

  • Suddenly the Butterfly falls to the Floor and then the Entire Mini-Dome is becoming Black by the minute*

Danny: AH!

Freddy: *Looks out the Window* It's Getting Dark Outside!

(Danny,Suzy,Freddy and Mrs. Zebra all look outside the Window and gasp)

Freddy: The Black Blotches are appearing on the Dome!

(The scene switches to the Police Station)

Grandad Dog: What in the World?!?! *runs out of the Station and sees the Light getting sucked up* AGH!

(The scene switches to Edmond, who is at the Dome)


(The Dome becomes completely opaque)

(The scene switches to the Mr. Potato Show on TV0

Mr. Potato: *looks outside to see everything black* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! DIRECTOR! D-E PLACE HAS SUDDENLY BECAME.....BLACK! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! *starts running around frantically*

Director: *looks out the Window* AH! I guess you're right! It has all sudenly became black! It looks as if it is night!


Director: Calm Down! Calm Down!

Mr. Potato: A-Alright! I-I c-calm!

Director: Now, I suggest we do something to figure this all out!

Mr. Potato: How?

Director: With This! *Throws him a Telescope*

Mr. Potato: Alright,*uses the Telescope and looks out and see nothing but Black* Uhh, I didn't see anything.

Director: Alright,then,uhhh,Play a Game To pass the Time until it's daylight again!

Mr. Potato: A-Allright! *pulls out Scrabble and starts playing* Yay! Yay! yay!

Director: *facepalm*

(The scene switches back To Freddy's Room, where the Mini-Dome has become completely black as well)

Danny: I think we'd better get the Butterfly Out Before It Dies!

Mrs. Zebra: I'll call for help! *She pulls out her radio and starts calling in* Come In.Come In.Assistant Backup Needed.

(The scene switches back to the Hospitial where Penny is getting Peppa out along with Mummy Pig and George)

Penny: *hears Mrs. Zebra calling in*

Mrs. Zebra: *On the Radio* Come In! Come InAssistant Backup Needed! Assistant Backup Needed! Egg is, well, Black! 10:00! Freddy's House!

Penny: Oh No! We're In Big Trouble!

Grandad Dog: *Hears the call*  I'd had better go! *runs off toward Freddy's House*

Edmond: *Hears the Call and Groans* Guess I'd Had Better Go! *runs off toward Freddy's House*

(The scene switches back to Freddy's House where the Mini-Dome's Noise is getting louder and LOUDER by the Minute)

Freddy: AHHH! *covers his ears* MAKE IT STOP!

Mrs. Black Bear: *growls* GRRRRRRRR! *prepares to eat Danny but then spots a Apple and starts eating it*

Danny: Maybe We Should Touch It To Make It Stop?

Suzy: Yeah, I mean I'm sure that'll stop it!

Danny: Let's Touch It!

(He and Suzy prepare to touch it but are stopped by Mrs. Zebra)

Mrs. Zebra: STOP!

(Danny and Suzy stop and have confused looks)

Mrs. Zebra: As It Is Police Property,I Will Touch It!

Danny: But You'll Get Thrown Back and-

Mrs. Zebra: Nonsense! I'm Going to Touch It! *looks at the Mini-Dome* Here's Go Nothing! *touches it and gets thrown back* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH-*is knocked out unconcious and falls to the floor*

Danny: *facepalm* I Tried To Tell You!

(the scene switches back to The Hospitial)

Penny: I want to go to The Mini-Dome.

Peppa: But I Want To Go Save Pedro! It Is Our Only Chance To Save Him!

Penny: I'll Go With You!

Mummy Pig: We'll go as well!

Penny: Mummy Pig,I think you and George should go back home, It is not safe for you hear.

Mummy Pig: Alright, But will you make sure Peppa is safe?

Penny: yes.

Mummy Pig: Alright then, Goodbye,,C'mon george. *Her and George go back home*

Penny: Okay.Sounds like a Plan.

(The scene switches back to Freddy's House)

Freddy: When's It Ever Gonna Stop!?!!?!?!?

Danny: I have no Idea.

(Suddenly Edmond arrives)

Edmond: *looks at the Unconcious Mrs. Zebra* What Happened To Her?

Danny: Well You Se,I tried to tell her NOT To Touch it,But She didn't listen,and as a Result,She got flung back.So anyway she got knocked out and possibly incapitiated on her own fault!

Suzy: And the Butterfly is dying! And We Need Penny!

Edmond: *scoffs* Who Needs Her!?!?!?!?! She BETRAYED ME! By Literally HELPING Pedro!

Freddy: *looks out the Window and sees Grandad Dog coming up fast* Mates! Grandad Dog's Comi'n Up Fast! He's Nearly Hear!

Suzy: Freddy, You and The Black Bear Leave.I don't want you getting impilicated as well!

Freddy: Alright,, Thanks Mates! *runs out of the house*

Mrs. Black Bear: *Looks at everyone with a Look of Hunger* GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! *She prepares to eat them but then sees a Gun and gets scared and runs out the door at a Very High Speed*

Danny: *looks at Edmond* Are You With Us? Or Are You Gonna Allow Grandad Dog to take the Egg away?

Edmond: *Thinks for a Minute* Yes,I'll Help.

(The scene switches to the Police Station where,Peppa and Penny have arrived)

Penny: I'll Look For the Keys! *starts looking behind the counter in the Sheriff's Office*

Peppa: Alright,I'll go look for Pedro!

(Peppa goes down into the Cells and finds Pedro locked up looking misraeble)

Pedro: Peppa!? FINALLY! Someone has Come!

Peppa: yes,

Pedro: So, How are you standing exactly?

Peppa: Ummm, I'm not sure.But I wanted to get out of that really horrible bed and back on my feet.

Pedro: That Is Good to Know.

(Penny arrives with the Keys)

Penny: Here ya Go! *unclocks Pedro's Cell* Free At Last!

Pedro: (nervously) I-I c-can't think you enough!

Peppa and Penny: No Need Too!

(The scene switches to Freddy's House where Grandad Dog has just walked in)

Grandad Dog: What In the World Happened Here!?!?!? *looks around and sees the Mini-Dome gone* Where's The Mini-Dome AT!?!?!! *sees Mrs. Zebra unconcious* What Happened To You?

Mrs. Zebra: Ummmmphphmmmhphmpm.........*starts waking up* Um, What Happened?

Grandad Dog: You Tell Me! Where's the Mini-Dome at?

Mrs. Zebra: I thought it was....? *sees that the Group took it* They Took It!

Grandad Dog: Huh? Who took It!?!?!?!?!?

Mrs. Zebra: The Kids! They Took The Mini-Dome!

Grandad Dog: *gasps* They DID!?!?!?!?!?!?!!

Mrs. Zebra: We Need To Find It! As It Is Our Best Chance At Bringing The Dome Down!

(The scene switches to Edmond, who has shielded everyone up in his Mini-Truck)

Danny: I wonder how we're gonna find Penny?

Suzy: *shrugs* She could be anywhere?

Edmond: She has a Police Radio on her.

Danny: But Then How Are We Gonna Communicate With Her without alerting The WHOLE Police Force?

Suzy: Yeah?

Edmond: I really have no Idea to be honest.And i'm a Clever Clogs! *trumpets* I wish I knew though.

Danny and Suzy: *sigh*

(The scene switches to the Sheriff's Office and Police Station, where Peppa,Penny,and Pedro are attempting to escape)

Mr. Fox: *spots them trying to escape while sitting in a Chair reading a magizine* HEY! What Do You Think You're Doing!?!?!?! Trying to Escape With the Cuprit!!?!? *runs at them*

Pedro: NO! *Pedro, who still hancuffed runs at him nervously* 

Mr. Fox: CULPRIT-*Pedro steps on his foot* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! *he then attempts to run away backwards into a Wall but is knocked out*

Officer Raccoon: *spots Pedro* I Don't Think So! Convict! *draws his Gun and aims it at Pedro* Stay Right Where You Are! Now Turn Arund and-

Penny: HEE-YAH! *hits Officer Raccoon from behind with a Fire Extingusher and knocks him out*

Peppa: Let's Get Out Of Here! *They all run out of the Police Station*

Deputy Cat: What's All This Noise Going On Here-*trips and falls over the Fire Extingusher and is knocked out*

(As Peppa,Penny,and Pedro all run down the sidewalk Pedro says something)

Pedro: Peppa?

Peppa: Yes?

Pedro: (hands Peppa his Wrisbrands) Can You Hold Onto These For Me?

Peppa: Sure! *Puts The Wristbrands in his pocket*

(Suddenly they hear Danny calling to Penny,over the Radio)

Danny: (On the Radio) Penny,If You Can Hear Me,We have the Mini-Dome and luckily escaped with it with Edmond's Help,I want you to meet us at the place where we hid when we brke our mother's mirror.

Penny: I Hear! We're On Our Way!

Danny: (On The Radio) Good.

(Penny,Peppa,and Pedro finally reach the Cement Factory)

(Penny sees that Suzy,Danny,and Edmond have brought the Mini-Dome)

Edmond: *sees Pedro* Oh No! Not HIM Again! *pulls out his gun and aims it at Pedro*

Peppa: WAIT! Don't Shoot! Pedro didn shoot me! Amanda Alligator did!

Edmond: Alright. *puts the Gun away*

Pedro: Everyone! Come Look A-At T-This W-Weird Sight!

(Everyone goes over and looks at it and they all see Glowing Red Handprints and gasp)

Edmond: What The Heckler!?!?!?!?!?

(The scene switches back to Freddy's House, where Mrs. Zebra is leaving with Grandad Dog)

Mrs. Zebra: *hears her radio and answers* Hello?

Mr. Fox: (On the Radio) You're NOT Gonna Believe what Just Happened! Pedro escaped with Peppa's House! I tried to stop him but he got away!

(the scene switches back to The Cement Factory, where everyone has gone into the Cement Tunnels)

Danny: Let's Touch the Handprints and See What Happens!

Suzy: Alright.

(They all touch the Redhandprints as Peppa and Pedro watch)

(The Mini-Dome suddenly turns bright white before it disappears completely)

(Everyone gasps)

(Suddenly in the Dirt beneath the remaning contents, they see the Butterfly)

Danny: Is It O-Okay?

(Everyone believes it is gone but all of a Sudden it gets up and starts flying around)

Everyone: WOW!

(It then starts flying around Pedro)

Pedro: Huh?

Danny: I think that Pedro IS the Monarch!

Pedro: *gasps nervously* I-I-Am?

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog, who is driving around when all of a Sudden, he sees a Huge Crowd gatherd at the Church)

Grandad Dog: What in The World Is Going On there!?!! *he pulls over and asks Granny Pig* Granny Pig? What is Going On? Why is Everyone Like This?

Granny Pig: Everyone is Repenting Before The End.

Granad Dog: What? I'm Gonna Go Teach These Crazy People some Common Sense! *walks hurridedly past the Crowd and goes into the Church and stands up in the Front* Alright People!

(Everyone goes quiet and they all look at Grandad Dog)

Grandad Dog: Okay, I know all of you are all Wound Up because of this whole "Black" Thing, But it's No Reason to Go Crazy Over It! Now, I suggest Everyone calm down and stay calm.Alright People?


Grandad Dog: BUT! Can't You People realize that This Town has Gone Dark Since The Lawlessness it used to have since this Dome came Down! We Must Rally Together To Stop IT!

Townsperson Gray Dog: HE HAS A POINT YA KNOW!


Grandad Dog: GOOD!

(The scene switches back to the Tunnells)

Edmond: I can't believe that PEDRO of all People could be the Monarch! I just can't believe it!

Pedro: To be honest,DOES have a Point,Even I'm Skeptical!

Suzy: Look! The Egg's Moving!

(The Egg starts moving and it begins Glowing Brightly as The Entire Area Around Them Starts Shaking)

Pedro: W-W-w-h-a-t-s-h-a-p-p-e-n-i-n-g!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!





Peppa: WOAH! AH!

(Everyone starts yelling)

Peppa: WAIT! Maybe If I touch it and pick it up then-

Penny: NO! Don't Touch IT! You'll get sent flying b-a-c-k-w-a-r-d-s!

Peppa: But Maybe It'll Work!

Penny: i-c-a-n-t-l-o-o-k!

Peppa: *safley picks up the Egg and nothing happens and the ground stops shaking and the Egg goes back to normal*

Danny: That was a Close One!

(Suddenly the Butterfly lands on the Egg)

Pedro: *gasps* I think Peppa's THE Monarch!

(Everyone gasps)

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog's Office)

Grandad Dog: Mr. Fox?

Mr. Fox: *walks into Grandad Dog's Office* Yes?

Grandad Dog: I Need you to Find Some Carpenters For A Work Detail.

Mr. Fox: Oh? What Kind of Work Detail?

Grandad Dog: This One! *shows him a Picture of The Gallows* Pedro needs to be made an Example Of!

Mr. Fox: Alright, I'll do it,For Mrs. Cat's Sake!

Grandad Dog: Alright.

(The scene switches to The Barn near Danny's House, where Mrs. Zebra is)

Mrs. Zebra: What In The Name Of St Paul's Cathedral! *sees the Hundreds of Constellatins they painted from the Mini-Dome's Projection* I'd had better call Grandad Dog! *calls Grandad Dog*

Grandad Dog: (On the Radio) Hello?

Mrs. Zebra: Hello Grandad Dog, Um,I'm here at Danny's Barn,and uh,They've written stuff that I only thought you would see in some Weird Way.

Grandad Dog: (On the Radio) What do They Say?

Mrs. Zebra: The Green Stars Are Falling In Lines.

Grandad Dog: (On the Radio)  Weird.

Mrs. Zebra: Does It Mean Anyhting To You?

Grandad Dog: (On the Radio) Not For A Long Time.Meet Me At My House.

Mrs. Zebra: Alright.*starts driving toward his house*

(The scene switches back to The Cement Tunnels)

Suzy: Now What Are We Supposed To Do Next Since Peppa is in Charge?

Peppa: I'm Not Sure.

Edmond: Maybe It's because Peppa ISN"T The Monarch and That We Need To Take It To The Real Authorities!

Penny: No Way! Grandad Dog's A Monster! and-

Edmond: No He ISN"T! He's Better Than Any Of Us!

Pedro: (Nervously) I-I Beg To Differ! I Watched Grandad Dog Murder Amanda Alligator and Harry Horse in Cold Blood! And Then He Tried To Kill that Deacon Guy and He would've killed me had I not disarmed him and Knocked him out!

Penny: And That's One Of The Many Reasons Why The Dome Told Us To Assasinate Him!

Edmond: I-i Can't believe I'm Hearing This Junk Right Now! I can't Take It Anymore! *covers his ears* 

Penny: Edmond, Are You Just Afraid to face the-

Edmond: I'M NOT LISTENING!!!!!! *covers his ears harder* LAH! LAH! LAH! LAH! LAH! LAH! LAH! LAH! LAH! LAH!

Peppa: Edmond, Just Calm Down-

Edmond: NO! I WILL NOT CALM! DOWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN! *This echoes 60 times through the Tunnells* *pulls out his gun and has it aimed at the Group*

Peppa: But-


Peppa: Catch It! *throws the Egg to Penny RUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!

(Penny runs away very fast holding the Egg)

(Danny and Suzy back away nervously and start to run away)

Edmond: NO MORE-*aims the Gun at them* TRAITORSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Pedro: *nervously* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *In slow Motion he tackles Edmond to the Ground* PEPPA! RUN!

Peppa: AH! *runs away with the others*

Pedro: *nervously* Prepare To-*Edmond over powers him* AGH!

Edmond: *laughs* And It Looks Like The Hunter Has Become The Hunted! HA! WA,WA,WA!

Pedro: (Nervously) I knew with Handcuffs on I'd Never Get Very Far! AGH! 

(The scene switches to Grandad Dog and Mrs. Zebra at Granny Dog's Art Studio)

Mrs. Zebra: So What Happened?

Grandad Dog: As Granny Dog lost her mind,She began to Repeat the Statement "Green Stars Are Falling"

Mrs. Zebra: Is That A Painting?

Grandad Dog: Yes.

(He shows her a Picture of Pink Stars Over A Black Egg)

(The scene switches to Penny,Danny,Suzy,and Peppa who are fleeing into the Forest)

Penny: Y-Ya Know, Maybe We Should Destroy The Egg! It Might Bring Down The Dome!

Danny: That's Really Not a Good Idea! It Might Cause Another Earthquake!

Suzy: Maybe We Should Just Ask it!

Peppa: Good Idea!

(They all Stop)

Peppa: Here You Go Suzy.*hands her The Egg*

Suzy: Alright, Egg,Tell Us What To Do!

(She Turns and Sees Mrs. Sheep)

Suzy: Mummy Sheep!

(The scene switches back To The Art Studio)

Grandad Dog: I guess My Wife knew what was going to happen,And now I pity Myself for Not Believeing Her or do Enough To Help Her.

Mrs. Zebra: If Your Family Is Connected To The Dome,Then You Are Important To Everyone.

Grandad Dog: Good To Know.

Mrs. Zebra: *hears someone radioing her* Let Me Get This.*Answers the Radio* Hello?

Edmond: (On the Radio) I have Taken Pedro Into Custody.

Mrs. Zebra: Good

(The scene switches back to The Forest)

Suzy: *prepares to approach Mummy Sheep* Mum-

Peppa: Suzy, Stop! That's Not Really Mummy Sheep!

Mummy Sheep:*In Emily Elephant's Voice* You Are Correct,I have taken on a Familiar Appearance To "Bridge the Divide" so to speak and to to comuunicate with you.

Suzy: Who Are YOU!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Danny: I think It's Whoever Sent This Dome!

Mummy Sheep: *nods her head* Why You Would be Correct, Mr. Dog,I am.

Penny: Why Is it Punnishing Us?

Mummy Sheep: It Wasn't Sent To Punish You,But To Protect You From A Coming Disaster.

Penny: Oh.

Mummy Sheep: To Get Rid Of The Darkness,You must earn it,by Protecting The Egg.

Danny: This Is So much like That Scene In The Lion King when The Father Lion appears in the Clouds and gives his son advice.

Peppa: If We Fail,Do We ALL Die?

Mummy Sheep: *nods her head* I'm Afriad So.

Peppa: But How Are We Supposed To Protect It? And Who Are We Meant To Protect It From?

Mummy Sheep: Remember Who You Are........*disappears*

Danny: That Was Weird.

(Everyone nods their heads)

(The scene switches to The Police Station)

Grandad Dog: Get IN There! *pushes Pedro back into his Cell and locks it tight*

Pedro: *nervously* I-I Have Done NOTHING Wrong! *looks Out The Window and sees the Construction Of The Gallows and Gulps Nervously*

Grandad Dog: Where Did They Take The Egg!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Pedro: I'll Never Tell You! 

Grandad Dog: *scoffs*

(The scene switches to The Diner, where Penny has taken Danny,Suzy,and Peppa)

Penny: So How Can We Hide The Egg?

Danny: Uhh...*Thinks for a Minute* Paint it Like A Football? I really don't know?

Suzy: Put in A Box?

Peppa: Keep It In A Cage?

Penny: I really have no Idea Either? I guess uh, Put a Towel on It?

(Suddenly They Hear Somthing On The Radio)

Howard Stern: (On the Radio) Hello, Everybody! It's The Howard Stern Radio Show! Our Latest Topics We're Going to Discuss Are 1. Science 2. Acting and 3. Good Old Movies! So Without Furthur A Do Let's-*Radio switches to Something else*

Grandad Dog: (On the Radio) Hello Peppa,If You're Listening To This,I Just Wanted to Tell You That,You can still come Forward and Exchange The Egg for Pedro's Life,If you don't want nothing to happen to happen to him,You'll do as I say,You Have One Hour to Make A Descion,After That One Hour's Up,He's Toast,Grandad Dog: Out.

Peppa: *Gulp* What Am I Gonna Do!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Penny: Don't Worry We'll Help

Danny and Suzy: Yes.

(The scene switches to Edmond, who has arrived at Grandad Dog's House)

Edmond: *nervously* G-Grandad Dog?

Grandad Dog: Yes Edmond?

Edmond: *nervously* Danny,Suzy,and Penny want to Assasinate You! They Think You're Dangerous and that You've Killed People!

Grandad Dog: Do You Believe Those Lies?

Edmond: Wel,....uhhhhhhhhhhhh.....I-I'm N-Not S-Sure!, W-Wel....I am b-but and.....Uh.

Grandad Dog: I went to My Wife's Studios and Saw The Paintings.Believe Me, Edmond, The Dome's Our Destiny,And I also must Confess that I HAVE Taken Lives,But They Were All Unavoidable for the Good of Peppatown.And Don't Worry, We've Been Both Chosen To Lead The Town.Even In It's Final Destiny.

Edmond: *gasps surprisingly* Wow.

(The scene switches back to The Diner)

Penny: So What Should We Do?

Danny: Maybe We should go Into Hiding?

Suzy: Or Maybe We should just go End This Once and For All

Peppa: We could do that.But Maybe We should just do nothing,And If I am Really The Monarch, Then It should be my Descion.And I think all of you guys should go somewhere safe, I don't want all of you guys getting hurt either.As You guys have done enough.

Penny: Alright But are You sure?

Peppa: Yes.I am Sure.

Penny: Alright. Good Luck! *Her,Danny and Suzy leave*

Peppa: I know Just What To Do!

(The scene switches to The Completion of The Gallow's Construction, where Pedro is being brought on top of it and everyone in Town is looking at him)


Grandad Dog: *comes up on the Completion* Today! My People! Justice will be Served For The Murders of Everyone that this Guy Has Killed,and he will get what he deserves today,right now,Soon,Everyone's Death will avenged everyone.This Horrible Person Is Responsible For 4 Murders and 3 Attempted Ones.

(The scene switches to Peppa boarding a Boat with the Egg at the Lake)

Peppa: I sure hope this Works! Here Goes Nothing! *Drops the Egg Into The Lake*

(Suddenly Green Stars start rising up from everywhere)

Townspeople: *sees the Green Stars* OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!!!!!!!!!

Grandad Dog: Just To Let You People! *wraps the Rope on Pedro* That's A SIgn From God That We Should Continue Our Work!


(Suddenly The Green Stars reach the Top of The Dome and all of the Blackness disappears and it instead turns white)


(Suddenly DJ Frits runs up)

DJ Frits: WAIT! I can-*falls to the ground unconcious*

Pedro: *shakes his head*

Grandad Dog: And NOW! It's Time To Say Goodbye Pedro! Edmond! Pull The Lever! So We Can Get Rid Of Him Once And For All!

Edmond: *prepares to Pull The Lever but hesitates and starts to feel sorry for Pedro* Uhhh.....Well *Gulps*

(Episode Ends)


Pedro Pony

Peppa Pig

Mummy Zebra

Penny Dog

Edmond Elephant

Danny Dog

Mr. Fox

Mrs. Black Bear

Grandad Dog

Suzy Sheep

Granny Pig

Mummy Sheep

Freddy Fox

Daddy Pig (cameo)

Mummy Pig


Mr. Dinosaur

Volunteer Policeman

Officer Raccoon

Farmer Gray Cat

Mother Horse (cameo)

Nurse Bear

Townsperson Dog

Deputy Cat

Jerald Jackal

Officer Mule (Cameo)

Townsperson Dark Brown Horse

Townsperson Cat

Townsperson Goat

Townsperson Opossom

Townsperson Ferret

Townsperson Bear

Several Unnamed Townspeople

Emily Elephant (Voice Only)

Mr. Potato


Convience Store Owner (Cameo)

Howard Stern (Voice Only)

DJ Frits


  • References:
  1. Danny says that The Mummy Sheep Appearance is like the "Father Lion when he appears in the Clouds" in The Lion King.Also Before Mummy Sheep disappears, she says "Remember Who You Are"
  2. The Howard Stern Radio Show is heard playing on The Radio before it switches To Grandad Dog's Speech.
  3. When Danny says that he told Mrs. Zebra "Not To Touch It" this may be a Reference To Arthur's Big Hit
  • This is the Season 1 Finale.
  • It is Unknown how They Were Able To Pick Up The Howard Stern Radio Show, however the Radio may have been connected to A Remote Satelite
  • Mrs. Black Bear appears to have more Hunger then ever in this Episode although she has a Minor Role.
  • It is Unknown if DJ Frits is Still Alive as at the End of the Episode he had a Cast On his Arm and Fell onto the Ground Unconcious before he could tell Grandad Dog To Stop.
  • This Is The First Appearance Of Deputy Cat.

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