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I'm Replacing Regular George With Ricky And George's George XD


George loses his dinosaur! It's not in the tree like last time! It turns out edmond stole it because he felt left out! George ends up kicking Edmond and has a huge hissy fit! 



George: Yo... Where Mah Dino At?

Dine-saw: [EXPLODES!]


Mummy pig: What's wrong george?

George: Uhh My Dino Blew Up... :I

Mummy: George, did you lose Mr dinosaur again?

George: Uhhh I Guess....?

Mummy: Maybe, we should try the garden!

George: That Line's Getting REALLY Old But I Guess..

Mummy: [Looks Up At Tree] Oh... George. your dino isn't there

[A wild Edmond has appeared]

Edmond: SILLY GEORGE! YOUR TOO LATE NOW! I have used my clever cloggs ability to transform Mr. dinosaur into my minion! DIE GEORGE!!!!1

George: DAH F*CK!?!?!?

Edmond: GET HIM!!!!!!

Mr Dinosaur: *FNAF Scream*

George: (Smash Bros. Mario Cape Attack)

Mr Dinosaur: (Attacks Edmond)

Edmond: AAAAAHH! *Dies*

The End :p

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