George loses his dinosaur again, so he cries loudly. Peppa walks in and comforts George. Then a giant Mr. Dinosaur roars at Peppa and George. At night, George dreams about big and small dinosaurs.


Peppa: (reading title card) "DINE-SAW!! 2".

Narrator: One afternoon, George was looking for Mr. Dinosaur.

George: Dine-saw? Hoo, where are you, dine-saw?

Dine-saw: BAM!!!

George: (gasps) NOT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peppa: George, what's the matter?

George: I lost my dine-saw!! (cries again)

Peppa: There, there. Don't cry, little bro. We'll find your dinosaur.

George: (smiles, then sniffles softly) Really??

Peppa: Nope!

George: (pulls Peppa's arm off, then cries again) WAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Peppa: Hey, you broke my arm off, George!!!

George: That's okay, Peppa... (continues sobbing)

Peppa: I'll fix my arm. (sighs, then walks off)

George: (stops crying) Oh, that's right. Okay!

[Bozo the bad-tempered clown appears]

Bozo: Hmmm, silly George! YOU'RE TOO LATE NOW!! Your toy dino isn't there. It's between your bottom teeth. (taps his lips three times) Huh... What a little brat.

George: Silly clown! (pulls Bozo's eyes off, then throws them away which hit a cat offscreen) Ha-ha-ha!!!

Bozo: Hey! That's not funny, Mr. George! (pulls out a gun, then is about to shoot George) Uhhh... What's happening?!

Mr. Dinosaur: ROOAAR!!!

Bozo: AAAAAGGGHHH!! (runs away)

(Mr. Dinosaur melts like a snowman)

George: Yay! I did it! I defeated Bozo!

George Is Now Level 99999

(cuts to George sleeping in his bed)

George: Ha... (snore-snore, pshhhh) I love dine-saws...



The yowl of a cat is recycled for the 33rd time in Rugrats episode "America's Wackiest Home Videos" and Caillou episode "Caillou Learns to Drive".

Only appearance of Bozo the Bad-Tempered Clown.

This is the last Peppa Pig episode in the Season 12 series.

Air Date

August 30, 2013 (UK)

September 6, 2013 (USA)

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