Daddy's Childhood is an episode of Peppa Pig.


(Scene cuts to home)

Narrator: Daddy Pig is reading his newspaper.

Daddy Pig: *reading newspaper* Aah, what a lovely day.

Peppa: Daddy, tell me about your childhood.

Daddy Pig: Okay. My real name was Percy. I went to playgroup just like you.

(Flashback at playgroup)

Percy: He He He, Hi everyone!

Everyone: Hello Percy, Hello Sarah,

(Back at home)

Peppa: Who's Sarah?

Daddy Pig: Sarah was my younger sister, she is a teenager in her own house now. Let me continue. I loved jumping up and down in muddy puddles.

(Flashback in garden)

Percy: (jumps in puddle) Yay! I love puddles!

(Back at home)

George: I love muddy puddles!

Narrator: Oh no, George has interupted Daddy.

Daddy Pig: Do you want to listen to my story?

George: Yes!

Daddy Pig: So, I loved playing video games on my TV.

Peppa: Where are they now?

Daddy Pig: Erm, they got too old.

Peppa and George: Oh.

Daddy Pig: But we now have a Trii U.

Peppa: Where did you meet Mummy Pig?

Daddy Pig: I met her when I was at a donut shop.

(Flashback at the dount shop)

Percy: Hi, Amanda.

Amanda: Hello, Percy.

(Back at home)

Peppa: Who's Amanda?

Daddy Pig: Amanda was my girlfriend, she is my wife now. Let me continue.