Daddy Pig forgets Mummy Pig's birthday, and fears he will be in big trouble with her.


Narrator: It's a special day today, as Mummy Pig is celebrating her birthday.

Peppa: Happy birthday, Mummy!

Mummy Pig: Why, thank you, Peppa! How lovely! By the way, where's Daddy Pig?

(Inside Mummy and Daddy Pig's bedroom, Daddy is hiding under the covers)

Daddy Pig: Oh, dear...oooooh!

Narrator: Daddy doesn't sound very happy. I wonder what's wrong?

(Peppa comes in)

Peppa: What's wrong, Daddy?

Daddy Pig: Oh, Peppa! It's a disaster! I've...forgotten Mummy's birthday!

Peppa: You forgot WHAT?!?!

Daddy Pig: Exactly! I didn't know it was her birthday until I heard you downstairs! And if Mummy finds out, I'll be in huge trouble!

Peppa: Don't worry! I won't tell her! Let's keep it a secret!

Daddy Pig: That's a relief!

(Peppa and Daddy come downstairs)

Mummy Pig: What took you so long, Daddy Pig?

Daddy Pig: Err...I of a birthday surprise!

Mummy Pig: That's nice! But what's the matter? Got butterflies in your tummy? You sound quite nervous.

Daddy Pig: N-not at all!

Mummy Pig: Have you forgotten my birthday?

Daddy Pig: No! Why would I?

Mummy Pig: You're lying, Daddy Pig!

Daddy Pig: W-w-what do you mean?!

Mummy Pig: I bet you forgot my birthday then tried to cover up the fact!

Daddy Pig: OK, you win. I forgot your birthday. I'm sorry.

Mummy Pig: Well, this won't work now. Good job. Hope you're happy, loser!

(Mummy Pig walks out)

Narrator: Oh, dear. Mummy Pig doesn't want to talk to Daddy Pig anymore.

Daddy Pig: Wait! I didn't mean to...OOOOOH!!!

(Daddy Pig begins to sob)

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