Peppa: (reading the title card) 'Daddy Pig's Birthday'

Narrator: Today is Daddy Pigs birthday, Daddy Pig has to go to work.

Peppa: [Pig Snort] Daddy, I wish you didn't have to work on your birthday.

Daddy Pig: Hoho, so do I but I'll be home as soon as I can, see you later. All: See you later.

Mummy Pig: While Daddy Pig is at work, we can get all his birthday surprises ready. '

Mummy Pig: First we'll make daddy's birthday cake.

Mummy Pig: We start with butter, sugar and flour, then we add an egg. And most important of all the chocolate bits.

[Peppa and George Sigh]

Narrator: Mummy Pig is making chocolate cake, Daddy Pig loves chocolate cake.

Mummy Pig: Then I give it a stir.

Peppa: Mummy, can I stir.

Mummy Pig: Yes Peppa.

Narrator: Peppa loves stirring.

[George Snorts]

Narrator: George wants a go.

[Peppa and George laughing]

Mummy Pig: OK George thats enough stirring

Mummy Pig: There, Daddy Pig's chocolate cake.

Peppa: Hooray.

Mummy Pig: Now we just have to bake it in the oven.

Peppa: Mummy, can I lick the spoon

Mummy Pig: Yes, you can lick the spoon and George can lick the bowl.

Peppa: Yippee.

Narrator: Peppa and George all like chocolate cake mixture.

[Peppa and George laughing]

Mummy Pig: Poor Daddy Pig, he's missing all the fun.

Peppa: Mummy, can I ring daddy at work and say "Happy birthday".

Mummy Pig: Thats a nice idea. Mummy Pig: [Dialling]

[Telephone Ringing]

Narrator: This is the office where Daddy Pig works.

Mr Rabbit: Hello, Mr Rabbit speaking.

Peppa: May I speak to, Daddy Pig please.

Mr Rabbit: Someone for you Daddy Pig, it sounds important.

Daddy Pig: Heavy breathing

Peppa: Daddy? whats wrong

Daddy pig: heavy breathing

Peppa: Happy birthday?

Daddy Pig: [Heavy breathing] peppa. this is seirious. you know that slide that i stopped on and you had to leave me their for 2 weeks?

Peppa: yeah? [quivering]

Daddy pig: well, i stopped on it again.....

Peppa: [SLAMS phone down but doesn't hang up] [screams as loud as a fat Venus full of spagetti tainted with crack] MUMMY! DADDY PIG IS STILL IN THE SLIDE!!! [screams like a grandma stuck in a tree]

Daddy Pig: TRICKED YA!!!


Daddy Pig: Hehehe, thank you.

Mummy Pig: There's just one more thing to do before daddy gets home.

Peppa: [Snort] Daddy's birthday surprise.