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Daddy Pig's Game Collection is an episode of Adventures of Peppa Pig.


Daddy Pig and Grandpa Pig show Peppa and George some classic video game consoles.


Narrator : Today Peppa and George are at home, Playing their Trii U.

Daddy Pig : Hello Peppa! Hello George! What are you doing?

Peppa : We are playing video games!

Daddy : Ahh, How consoles have changed. Back when I was younger, We didn't have all those HD graphics. We didn't have 4 Buttons on our controllers either. Or those L and R shoulder buttons.

Peppa : How many buttons did the controllers have back then?

Daddy : One button.

Peppa : Woah! That's not very much! What about the graphics?

Daddy : Oh, We didn't have all those 3D graphics. Our character was a Dot or a Stickman. That would be it.

Peppa : Wow! Wasn't that weird?

Daddy : Nah, It wasn't. I can show you my old collection of consoles.

Peppa and George : Please! *Oink Oink*

Daddy : OK, wait here.

*Daddy Pig goes downstairs*

*Daddy Pig Comes Back With a wooden box*

Peppa : Wow! What is that?

Daddy : This is a Batari 1700. A console.

Peppa : Wow! And the controller only has one button!

Daddy Pig: And here's another one.

Peppa: What is it?

Daddy Pig: The PlayTerminal 1.

Peppa: Wow, I never knew that PlayTerminal's looked like that and didn't have HD graphics.

Daddy Pig: And heres the PlayCube.

Grandpa Pig: And heres the original Pbox .

Peppa: Grandpa! I never knew you played video games.

Grandpa Pig: Oh, yes, I played a lot of Pong when I was young.

Peppa: Pong?!

Grandpa Pig: Yes, Pong, On my Batari!

Peppa: WOW!

Grandpa Pig: What are you playing?

Peppa: Well, me and George are playing Pig Kart 8!

Daddy Pig: Oh, I remember me and Grandpa pig played Super Pig Kart.

George: F-Dino

Peppa: Oh, yes, that is a really fast racing game that George has.

Grandpa Pig: Me and your Daddy played F-Bunny when we were younger on or super Sheeptendo.

Peppa: Cool! Can I see some of your PlayTerminal 1 games?

Daddy Pig: Sure, here is Final Gazelle 7.

Peppa and George: Amazing!

Peppa: But what is that big line?!

Daddy Pig: When I was small, we had cords that connected to the telly, now, you have super advanced technology that no one but the developers can make stuff like.

Peppa: I never heard you...

Daddy Pig: It's magic!

Grandpa Pig: I'm off, Bye! I'm going to play some old games!

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