Percy Pig

Percy Pig (A.K.A "Young Daddy Pig")

Hey. Mummy Pig and Mummy Sheep have stories.

It's Daddy Pig's time to shine! In his story.


Daddy Pig, or "Percy Pig" back then, Grew up on a farm with his parents Penelope Pig and Pablo Pig (No one knows if they're still alive or not). All chores he really did was feed the animals and clean his room. At age 18, Percy got his own car and drove it everywhere! Sadly, but not surprisingly, he got lost. But since he knew he was old enough to live on his own, He started living in an apartment with his pet fish, Goldie. They lived together happily.

2 years later,due to Percy forgetting to feed him. Goldie died. Percy found this very upsetting. Due to being so sad, Percy spent 3 days on his bed eating cookies.                                                                                                          ...Which made him very fat.                                                                                                                                       One night at a doughnut shop, he met a girl pig, one year younger than him named Pam Pig. She was beautiful in Percy's eyes. They both got 2 doughnuts with sprinkles (Pam got red sprinkles and Percy got blue sprinkles.) And talked the whole night away. Eventually, Pam started staying at Percy's apartment because she had no where to stay at the time. It was perfect for both of them and they lived there for 2 years. That was when Percy proposed to Pam. She, of course, said yes, quit her job, and they both got a nice house on top of a hill.

They had 2 kids and lived happily ever after :)

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