A Long time ago in 1982.

Daddy Pig was 45 years old. Some say that he is still 45 years old today.

People Dont know why. but some say he got a glitch on him.

Let me tell the story.

One Day when daddy pig was going for a walk Daddy pig teleported to a rainbow background and strangely warped and stuff. People dont know why but That is the tale.

Now in episode form let me tell the story..

Daddy Pig: -teleports to rainbow background

Daddy Pig: where am i.

Voice: Your in the endless limbo.

Daddy Pig: Oh no WHY am i in this Limbo!!!!e3984789327yhfc

daddy pig: -explodes into gloop-


Daddy Pig: AHHHH!!!

???: your forever 42...

???: have fun!

The End!

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