(Meanwhile, Daddy Pig gets ready for revenge)

Daddy Pig: No, my friends are dead. If only I could have saved them. If only there was some way.

Daddy Pig: Wait, I have an idea. I can travel back in time.

Daddy Pig: I just need to go to the old scientist who has a time machine.

(at the old scientist's laboratory)

Daddy Pig: Hello, can I go back to the past please?

Old Scientist: OK.

(Daddy Pig goes to the Back to the Future car and drives it to the past)

Daddy Pig: I am time traveling.

(at the past)

Daddy Pig: I am in Angry Birds Land. I need to find my friends fast.

(Red Bird from Angry Birds comes)

Daddy Pig: Hey, it's Red Bird. Can you help me save my friends?

Red Bird: OK, let's go snipe the Sledge Bro out. Follow me to the sniper tower please.

(at the sniper tower)

Red Bird: OK, here is the sniper rifle.

(Red Bird gives Daddy Pig a sniper rifle)

Sledge Bro: I did, I can't let you escape.

(Daddy Pig shoots Sledge Bro and Sledge Bro dies)

Daddy Pig: I have saved my friends.

(A Mass Effect ship appears)

Daddy Pig: Hey, it's the Mass Effect ship.

Daddy Pig: I am going inside.

(inside the Mass Effect Ship)

Hackett: Hackett in.

Daddy Pig: Hello, what is our mission?

Hackett: We are at war with Black Ops.


(Daddy Pig, Hackett, and Red Bird are at war with the Black Ops)

(the Black Ops kill Red Bird)

Daddy Pig: NO RED BIRD!

(The Black Ops kill Hackett and ran away)

Hackett: I am dying. Listen...There is only one way to defeat the Black Ops. You need an army of Minions. Hackett Out. (Hackett dies)

Daddy Pig: No, Hackett!

Daddy Pig: I need to go find Minions.

(at the Minion's lair)

Daddy Pig: Hello, I need your help fighting.

Minion #189: OK!

(back at the Black Ops)

Daddy Pig: Kill the Black Ops, Minions.

(the Minions kill the Black Ops)

Daddy Pig: Yes, we killed them.

Daddy Pig: We have won.

The End

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