[title card - Candy Cat's house where Candy Cat is asleep with her toy tiger called "Tags", when she hears a loud bang coming from the kitchen then she gets out of bed and into the kitchen where she sees Daddy Pig eating all her food while snoring really loudly]

Candy: Mr. Pig!

[Daddy Pig leaves and crashes through the doorway]

Candy: Oh no! I need to tell mum and dad, no wait Charles, [goes into Charles' bedroom] Charles, wake up!

Charles: [wakes up and meows] Candy, what is it?

Candy: [meows] Mr. Pig is sleepwalking!

Charles: Oh no. [gets out of bed] Let's go wake your mum and dad up, Candy.

[Charles and Candy go to Courtney and Cooper's bedroom where the cat parents were asleep]

Charles: Aunty Courtney? Uncle Cooper?

Candy: Mum? Dad?

Courtney: [wakes up] Charles, Candy, what's wrong?

Candy: Mr. Pig is sleepwalking.

Cooper: Again?

[Courtney and Cooper gets out of bed and the cat family gets into their shoes and sees Daddy Pig going into the Dog's house and hears a crash]

Cooper and Courtney: Daddy Pig!

[The cats go into the Dog's house where they see Daddy Pig stealing all of the Dog's food, and belches loudly causing Danny Dog to wake up and take a cricket bat and go downstairs slowly]

Danny: I know you're here, Mr. Burglar. Come out with your arms up. [goes to the kitchen and screams as he sees Daddy Pig with food coming out of his mouth] Mr. Pig!

Candy: [screams] Danny!

Cooper, Courtney, and Charles: Candy: *shushes Candy and Danny*

Candy: sorry, hello Danny

Danny: hello Candy *barks*

Candy: Mr. Pig is sleepwalking again and were trying to stop him

Danny: i don't know if i should join you Candy, i don't know if my mum and dad will notice Mr. Pig made this mess

(Danielle and David goes downstairs in there pajamas and sees the mess)

Danielle: is Daddy Pig sleepwalking again?

Danny and Candy: Yes

David: well, we should go and stop him before he kicks the bucket!

(At the Foxes, Freddy is shown asleep in his bed when Daddy Pig breaks into Faith's room and she starts hollering, then Freddy get's up and target's Daddy Pig)

Freddy: leave Faith alone mr pig

(Pounces on Daddy Pig and wrestles him until Francis Fox wakes up and sees Faith giggling as she watches Freddy Fox jumping on Daddy Pig's belly

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