This episode has been banned due to having Daddy Pig chew a leg.

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I was only 6 years old

I loved Daddy Pig So Much

I had all the Daddy Pig Merchandise and accessories

Every night I say

"Daddy Pig is Love, Daddy Pig is Life".

My Mummy hears me and calls me an idiot

I knew she was just jealous of my devotion to Daddy Pig.

I called her an idiot too.

She sends me to my room.

I go into my bed, and notice someone beside me.

It's Daddy Pig.

He grabs me with his Mighty Pig hands and says


He puts me down on the floor, and I know what to do.

I put my leg into his mouth

He starts chewing on it.

It hurts, but I want to please Daddy Pig.

My Mummy comes in.

Daddy Pig says

"It's all muscle now"

He flies out the window.

Daddy Pig is Love, Daddy Pig is Life.