Danny: Peppa, Suzy, Pedro! You're invited to my dance party!

Peppa: Oh boy! It sounds awesome! I'm very good at dancing!

Suzy: And I love food!

Pedro: I think I'd be allergic to the pizza and ballet dance moves are almost the only ones I know. Hehe.

Danny: Okay Pedro, you don't have to come!

Pedro: Why do I have so many allergies?

Emily: Lisa, Brianna, I've GOT to go to that ngoma chama! That's Swahili for 'dance party'.

Lisa: But look. Peppa, Suzy and Pedro are coming. I think they're INCREDIBLY low class!

Brianna: Even more.

Emily: Okay. We don't have to go.

Peppa: Whew! *walks her gang to the treehouse*

Emily: I'll keep guard of the dance party and make sure Peppa doesn't come.

Lisa: Great idea!

Brianna: Great, great idea!

Peppa: *smacks face* Oh, no! *walks gang to treehouse*

Suzy: We can go in the back door!

Peppa: YEAH! So, let's go there and pretend to be wild animals running around Peppatown! I'll be a normal pig!

Suzy: I'll be a fox!

Pedro: I'll be a little puppy!

Peppa: Okay: I'll get the costumes! *leaves and returns with costumes*

Pedro: *puts on puppy costume*

Suzy: *puts on fox costume*

Peppa: *leaves and returns with a pink dress and no shoes* Let's go! *leads her gang to Danny's backyard*

Pedro: Woof! Woof! Arrrr Arrrooooo!

Suzy: Yip yap!

Peppa: Oink! Oink! Oink! *sees party* (whispering) Right, gang! Let's get these costumes off!

[Peppa and her gang change their clothes offscreen]

Peppa: *runs inside, being followed by Suzy and Pedro*

Danny: Peppa, Suzy, Pedro! How did you make it?

Peppa: Well, we dressed as wild animals, ran around your backyard dressed like that and came in through the back door!

Emily: *bursts in* Aha!

Peppa: Oh, no! Gang, run!

[Lisa and Brianna chase Peppa's gang]

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