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One night, Danny Dog was asleep when something hit him in the eye. He did not wake up, but Danny had a green eye the next day. He said "Hi Dad! ....... Dad! I said hi!" Dad: "Danny you have a green eye Danny." Danny: oh no what should i do Mommy Dog: wear this pink thing Danny: but mom there pink Mummy Dog: well go to school  with your green eye showing Danny: fine I will (later) Peppa: Danny has a green eye! the class got around Danny Suzy: how did you get that Danny: I don't know I woke  up with it Emily: I know what happen something hit you in the eye lastnight Danny: you are right i think how do you get it to go away Emily: it will go away  in June Danny: JUNE BUT IT IS March I can not wait that long (June) Danny: well it is June my green eye is away lets play Basketball Everbody: ok when they was playing the Basketball hit Suzy in the eye Peppa: you got a green Eye Danny: I got mine in March and it when away today the first of June yours will go away in Augest. Danny: oh well now you feel my pain. Suzy: yes i do. (end)

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