This pre-made character is deceased and has no character data. Resurrecting them will cause game corruption.

They are two mean, disrespectful and rude dogs who are in kindergarten and go to Peppatown Primary School. Because they "dinosaur tipped" a Stegosaurus, Liopleurodons leaped out of the water and killed David and Harry Dog to teach them a lesson of not to disrespect prehistoric animals. Liopleurodons had them for dinner. However, David and Harry Dog still remain as ghosts. David and Harry Dog are scared of dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures after being taught a lesson by Liopleurodons.


  • They are now Velociraptors, because they possessed The Big One , a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park that got killed by a Tyrannosaurus.

David telling Bertram that he looks like 'big poo face'.

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