My name is Emily Elephant

4 years have passed

I graduated Piginton University

I am now 23 years old

I used to have friends

Peppa, Brianna, Pedro, Edna, and Sam Swine are all dead

My friend Elizabeth invited us to go with her on holiday

We will be flying on a private jet

Me and Lisa agreed

We arrived at the airport early

I had time to spare

Minutes later we went on the plane

I fell asleep an hour into the flight

I woke up a couple of minutes before we arrived

Outside the airport there was a limo

The limo took us to the Holiday Inn near Walt Disney World

It had a water park and other neat things

I unpacked and I brought my raft 

Which I slept with every summer after Peppa's death

Elizabeth said...

I haven't seen my butler in four years 

I said...

Is your butler on of the victims?

Lisa said...

Is your butler dead?

Elizabeth said...

I don't know?

We ended the conversation

Everyone had dinner at the buffet

After dinner we were all stuffed

Me, Lisa, and Elizabeth went to sleep

The next day...

We were the first to open the park

We had a fun time at the mall

And we went on rides

I met this cast member who is also from Peppatown

His name is James D. Midthbourgh

His family runs the Bertson Hotel

It was love in first sight

We went to other theme parks like Universal Studios 

Also Universal's water park Volcano Bay

I went out with him for dinner 

Lisa and Elizabeth went to different place to eat

We met up with them at 6:00 PM EST

At night we slept in the Cinderella Castle suite

It was amazing

The next day...

The three of us were shopping

Elizabeth wanted to meet up with us after she was done in the shower



A shadowy, butler figure appeared and killed her in the shower

It reminds me of this famous scene in a movie

A Albert Hitchcock film

Made for Universal

In 1960

Called Psycho

And a character

Marion Crane is killed in the shower by The Mother

Who is actually Norman Bates

I found out when we got back there was a note that said



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