[The Donkeys turn up outside Peppa's gang's treehouse and Peppa and her gang come down]

Delphine: Eeyore! Bonjour, Peppa!

Peppa: *snorts* Hello, Delphine! Why are you here?

Delphine: I'm going back to France, so I'm giving you and your gang invitations to my leaving party! I'll miss you!

Peppa: I'll miss you, too!

Suzy: And me!

Danny: And me!

Pedro: And me! You were a lovely friend!

Delphine: So were you, Pedro. Anyway, be at the train station for my leaving party tomorrow!

Peppa, Suzy, Danny and Pedro: We will!

The next day.....

Delphine: *arrives at the train station and sees the leaving party* Wow!

Monsieur Donkey: Is this all for us?

Peppa: Yep.

Danny: And we've all come to say that we'll miss you.

Pedro: I'll miss you a lot. *starts to cry, again*

Monsieur Donkey: Don't worry, little pony. It's just a holiday!

Suzy: I thought you'd go away to live and COME BACK for a holiday!

Monsieur Donkey: Nope, France is where we're holidaying!

Suzy: Oh.

[A train arrives outside]

Delphine: Is that our train?

Monsieur Donkey: Yes.

[The donkeys get on the train, it leaves and their friends wave goodbye]

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