In a parallel universe where Peppa and her friends live are happy but something changes. They hear that the dictator of North Korea has been assassinated by ISIS. Everyone is happy but they have more trouble. ISIS is trying to take over the world and destroying countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and Peppaland. Meanwhile in Philadelphia, the school district doesn't have any money and they have to pay for school supplies. Peppa Porcus II of England calls Philadelphia and warns them about ISIS trying to kill them all. The three founders of Club Penguin are evacuated from Canada after they found out ISIS is hacking their location. The next day in Peppatown, Peppa wonders why are they packing. It's because of the country is being threated by ISIS and have to relocate to America. Everyone in Peppaland have to relocate to another country. The economy of Peppland collapse's and the stock market crashes due to ISIS putting their logo on all money.The country becomes poor forming the Great Depression II of Peppaland. 


[The episode starts off in Philadelphia as a the narrator speaks]

Narrator: Oh hello, i'm in Philadelphia because I need a holiday from narrating Peppa's stories. What is the most expensive hotel in Philadelphia?

Jack Murphy: I don't know but you can see the historic sights, hey you can go to the old Horn and Hardart it just reopened.

Narrator: Okay

Jack Murphy: By the way the dictator of North Korea got murdered by ISIS

Narrator: Wait...w-hat-t!


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