[George, Richard, Zuzu, and Zaza are standing in the street, Didier is cutting onions]

George: After giving Didier scars, pushing him into a skyscraper, and giving him a wedgie, we've finally made Didier cry.

Didier: (crying)

Peppa: George, what are you doing standing in the street?

(Scene cuts into Peppa's house, Delphine opens the door)

Delphine: Oh thank God, they were lost for hours, where were they?

Peppa: Delphine, a word? [They walk into the kitchen, their voices get muffled as the door is closed] What the heck!? Delphine!?

Delphine: Well I'm sorry, the toddlers escaped and...

Peppa: Escaped! Well you said that you say Didier crying you idiot!

Delphine: Well I was downstairs, watching TV, and I didn't hear any of the toddlers....

Peppa: Oh, TV, never mind then!

Delphine: Peppa! If you keep screaming in front of me, I swear to god I...

Peppa: What! You'll hit me! Oh, youre such an man.

Delphine: [crashes] Peppa, stop!

Peppa: I'll be the man! [thudding and crashing] See Delphine, I am the man!

Delphine: [sobbing] I never want to be your pen pal ever again.

[The toddlers are devastated]



  • This episode is similar to one segment of the Robot Chicken episode "Link's Sausages"