Narrator: Peppa and her family have arrived at Five Dines.

Daddy Pig: We're here!

Peppa: [singing] The restaurant, the restaurant, there will be yummy food. The restaurant, the restaurant, no-one will be rude!

Waiter: What would you four like to eat?

Peppa: Chicken nuggets.

Daddy Pig: Salad.

Mummy Pig: A poached egg.

George: Dine-saw! Grr!

Waiter: YOU WANT TO DINE ON A SAW!?!?!?!? Well, okay, I'll ask chef to drive to the wood cutting place to take away their old saw.

Chef: *drives off to get saw*

Peppa: *eats most of her chicken nuggets* How are you going to eat a saw?

George: But that not dine-saw. Me think it knife. *eats saw and flops on floor*

Daddy Pig: I think he needs an an anesthetic to get it out! *rings Doctor Brown Bear*

Doctor Brown Bear: *arrives in ambulance* Where's the emergency?

Peppa: *points at George* Down there!

Doctor Brown Bear: Thanks, Peppa! Oh, I'll take him to the ambulance! *takes George to ambulance* Come with me!

Pig family: *follows Doctor Brown Bear*

[ambulance drives off and episode ends]

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