Dinky Dog is Danny Dog's young sister. She is 3 years old. Her first appearance is in "The Baby Dog". She loves to hang out with the rest of George's gang. She has a toy breakdown truck that has a remote to make it move.

In CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom Dinky still appears but her role was replaced by Darla Dog and Dinky became Danny's cousin. In Sonicthehedgehog223's fanon, she has a crush on Kingsley.

in Deathfreddy13 fanon, when dinky gets scared, she farts

She is terrified of Mr Potato.

in MrsWhatever40's fanon she wears a Green dress and wears a bow on her head.


Her fur is a slightly lighter shade than Danny's. She wears a pink dress and black shoes. In MatthewSmarter's fanon, she wears a yellow dress with a white text "Trucks is better!" and pink shoes.


  • Cheese.
  • Her toy breakdown truck.


  • Mr Potato.

Peppa Pig: The Clique Clash

Dinky plays as a minor in chapters 1, 2 and 5, and a secondary in chapters three and four. She is less soft spoken and slightly more indepedent, but is still scared of the dark, as shown when she hugs Kingsley while in the cave.