[Peppa, George, Patty, Sammy and Dinky arrive at Dog's Pizza]

Peppa: See, George? This is one of the places me and my gang come to hang out. Another is the treehouse, but only we're allowed in.

Dinky: Granny 'og! Granny 'og!

Granny Dog: Hello, Dinky. Would you like to help me and Danny in the kitchen?

Dinky: *barks, goes into the kitchen and sees Danny* Big brother! Big brother! *sees a packet of cheese for the pizza* Cheese! Cheese! *eats most of the cheese* Yummy!

Danny: Silly Dinky! That cheese is for the pizza!

Granny Dog: I think Dinky's a little too young to help out in the kitchen. *takes Dinky back to the table where Peppa, George, Sammy and Patty are sitting*

Peppa: Do you want me to buy you a pizza?

George, Sammy, Dinky and Patty: Yes!

Peppa: Okay. What flavour would you like?

Dinky: Cheese! Cheese! Cheese!

Peppa: All pizza has cheese on it! Is there any other flavour you'd like? Let's check the menu. *gets out the menu* So, there's four seasons, there's pepperoni, there's garlic....

George, Sammy, Dinky and Patty: Pep-owny! Pep-owny! Pep-owny!

Peppa: Okay, I'll order you a pepperoni pizza.

After Peppa ordered the pepperoni pizza....

Peppa: *gives George, Dinky, Sammy and Patty a slice each* There you go.

[George, Sammy and Patty eat their pizza]

Dinky: *takes the cheese of her pizza and eats the cheese by itself*

Danny: *comes out of the kitchen* Oh, that Dinky and her love of cheese!


  • Pedro, Suzy, Emily, Lisa and Brianna are not in this episode.
  • Since the kids orders pepperoni pizza, George would be a cannibal, as pepperoni is made from pig.

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