George: Dine-saw! Grrrr!

Mummy Pig: That's right, George! Dinosaur, look!

George looks at big dinosaur robot.

George: [gasp] DINE-SAW!!!!

Park manager: Sorry. This park is closed. Somebody was taking away some stuff.

George: [cries]

Mummy Pig: Don't worry, George! We can go to the museum instead!

George: Yay!

[At the museum]

Miss Rabbit: Welcome to the Museum. We had to move all of the stuff from Dinosaur Park to the Museum because the park is closing and you should go to Dine-saw World after you see the dinosaur attraction

Mummy Pig: Okay!

George: Yay

[They leave the museum]

Samara Pig: I'm going to Fun Flags New Scotland with my boyfriend to see the remains

Barry Bull: Samara, I have a great idea the steal the amusement park by rigging the lease.

Samara Pig: That's a great idea

[They steal building tools and material]

Barry Bull: Now we stole a truck that we can store the stuff in

Samara Pig: Lets fix that theme park

[They sneak into the abandoned Fun Flags New Scotland


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