The after math of Urrplane

George was sitting in the living room, head to toe with a cast from his previous flight. He hated Mummy. He hated Edmond, and everyone who doubted he will be n flight.

Mummy: poor little george....what do you want to be now?

George: dine-saw!

Mummy:ugh...I knew you shouldn't been born, *leaves him in dark dusty closet*

200 years later

George: mean mummy....I will be a dinesaw

At Edmond's secret lab

Emily: ooh what does this button do?

Edmond: go away....ok george are u sure u want to be a dinosaur?

George: oink oink

Edmond: ok here goes

15 minutes later

George: I look so....big and....dinesawy

Edmond: so what r u gonna do now?

George: hmmmmm, take over peppaland >:)

In peppaland

Candy: its a big scaey dinosaur

Rebecca: runnnn

Everyone in peppaland ran, away from the most powerful being in the universe, DINOZILLA

Dinozilla: u don't think I can fly, ill show u flight! *whips everyine with tail*


After that, everyone was dead, except for one....

To be continued

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