Dinwos 99 is a Sallyish 32-bit operating system by Sicromoft released to manufacturing on August 12, 1999. It was later released as a CD in September 1999. It is based on the Dinwos NT architecture and kernel, but shared most of the problems of Dinwos 9x.


  • Home Edition: The edition of Dinwos 99 for home.
  • Home Network Edition: Home Edition but with the abillity to join a network.
  • Reduced Media Edition: The same as Dinwos 98 Reduced Media Edition, but Dinwos Movie Maker is removed.
  • Coder Edition: An edition optimized for coding.
  • Basic Edition: The same as Reduced Media Edition, but without Wi-Fi support (dial-up still works) and support for over 2GB.
  • Business, Small Business, Big Business and Home Business Editions: Business-oriented editions.
  • DVD Edition: The whole OS on a DVD.


On launch, Dinwos 99 was a very buggy operating system. In July 2000, Service Pack 1 was released to fix these problems. Service Pack 1.1 was released in December 2000, and included XirectD 7.0 as opposed to 6.0. Service Pack 1.1 also introduced System Restore, although the Dinwos 99 version would often crash the computer.
Dinwos 99 is tired

New features

  • Dinwos Multimedia Burner - Introduced DVD burning to Dinwos.
    File name: burner.exe
  • XirectD Checker - Allows Dinwos to check the XirectD directory (C:\XIRECTD).
    File name: xirectdcheck.exe
  • System Restore - Added in Service Pack 1.1. Allows the system to restore to an earlier time point.*
    File name: restore.exe

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