This is a Disney parody of Fruit.



Narrator: Today, Peppa and her family are going to Disneyland.

Daddy Pig: Look, it's Mr Potato.

Mummy Pig: It's Mrs. Carrot.

Peppa Pig: Sweet Cranberry and Little Sprout.

Little Sprout: (in Mickey's voice) Hotdog!

Pig Family: (laughs)

Disney Mascots: Hotdog.........Hotdog..........hotdog, hotodg, Hot Diggity dog, oh, we got ears, it's time for cheers, hotdog, hotdog, the problems solved........Hotdog, Hotdog, Hot Diggity Dog.

Mr. Potato: Welcome to Disneyland, where the magic begins.

(Pig family enter Disneyland)

Peppa: Wow, so many rides.

Suzy Sheep, Emily Elephant, and Rebecca Rabbit: Hello, Peppa.

Peppa: Hi everyone!

Suzy Sheep: Let it go!

Peppa: (picks up Apple) What are those doing there?

Suzy Sheep: I like Mickey Mouse.

Emily Elephant: I like Donald Duck.

Rebecca Rabbit: I like Tom and Jerry.

Edmond Elephant: Tom and Jerry aren't Disney.

Rebecca Rabbit: Oh!

Edmond Elephant: Tom and Jerry are a vegetable (Disney Horn of Triumph)

Narrator: Edmond is Dumbo.

Suzy: What does George like?

(George frowns)

Suzy: Does George like Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck?

Peppa: George likes Winnie the Pooh.

(George picks up Winnie the Pooh)

George: Think-Think-Think.

Mrs. Rabbit: Smoothies, get your Disney Smoothies Here.

Peppa: What's a Disney Smoothie?

Mrs. Rabbit: It's a drink made of Disney Characters.

Peppa: OK, I'd like a smoothie with Mickey Mouse,

Mrs. Rabbit: OK, but smoothies can have lots of different Disney characters in it.

Peppa: Okay, I'd like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, and more Mickey Mouse.

Mrs. Rabbit: Puts ingredients in the mixer, blowing it up)

Peppa: (drinks smoothie) Oh my gosh, you killed the Disney Characters, you [BLEEP]!

The End

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