Dog's Pizza, as it appears in town.

Dog's Pizza is a restaurant in the Peppa Pig series
Dog's Pizza
and is at The Local Shops and Grandad Dog's Garage. It is run by Granny Dog at the local shops and Uncle Dog at Granddad Dog's Garage. It is one of Suzy Sheep's favorite restaurants. Emily Elephant's family is usually catered by this restaurant, until the AA X Peppa Pig episode Pizza Wars. It was also mentioned in Pedro's Pictures, Dog's Pizza, Dinky at Dog's Pizza, Dreaming About Driving the Car, Pedro Turns Evil, Who Votes The Buses?, Sammy Keeps Going, George Does What Mummy Pig Says, Peppatown Election, Fun Center Madness!, Under Peppa's Pants: The Movie and Boooo Booooo Peppa. The location at Granddad Dog's Garage was introduced in The New Dog's Pizza Location and was also visited in My Cousin Elizabeth. Every Friday evening, they perform dinner theatre. You get free Ravioli with your Pizza within those hours.


  • It is a parody of Abbati's Pizza from Angela Anaconda.
  • Due to the negative relationship between Uncle Dog and Mr Pony, Pedro Pony wasn't allowed there, however he is now.
  • As suggested in the episodes Pedro's Pictures and Dog's Pizza, they make their pizza from dough made fresh every day, never frozen.
  • They sell Cheese and Tomato, Garlic, Mushroom, Four Seasons, Pepperoni, Muddy Chocolate, Ravioli and Smoked cheese.
  • In Liopleurodons' and CreationBeTheWorld23's fandom, Peppa and other pigs are not allowed to eat meat pizza because that will be considered cannibalism.
  • Dog's Pizza is apparently is 1,630 yards (⅞ mile) from Peppa's house, according to Tasty Pizza.
  • Tobias, Pete and Brandon are some of the people who work there.
  • In Sonicthehedgehog223's fanon, it is located at Main Street.
    • It is between the Dentist's and the Inn.
  • In Under Peppa's Pants: The Movie, it shut down for health violations and selling free food.
  • It is very small and only has 3 tables.
    • It was made in 1969 as a small pizza stand in Eggs.
    • Also, in Mateusz11113's fanon, it is large and only has more tables. (in the Local Shops, it is very small)