Dominic the Doctor likes to operate on Teddy the Teddy Bear in times of need. Dr. Dom puts Teddy under drugs until he can be operated on. First Teddy counts down from ten- but informs Teddy he won't make it to one. After being knocked out, Dr. Dom shaves Teddy's fur so he can access his skin which he cuts with a large knife often seen in horror movies. Dr. Dom then removes the first layer where he finds unhealthy bonnons and replaces them with ripe ones. Then the second level is cut open and he replaces Teddy's sprinkles with new healthy ones. Then he removes the heart and finds Peppa has been a bad bad pigfor forgetting Teddy multiple times in Italy- even the police were suspicious of these methods. Peppa broke his heart's heart. The doctor gives him a new heart so loves the goldfish though it is a bit large. Peppa still haunts Teddy's dreams occasionally but it is all okay because he has found someone who loves him back. Finally, the doctor sews Teddy back together and then goes to his secret room to laugh evilly as he uses Teddy's old heart as a pillow to fall asleep. He dreams of Teddy's corpse, which will be found in the morning.

Doctor Dom's favorite activities:

Cutting bears open



Blowing dandelions into people's yards so they get weeds

Stealing vacuums

Drinking dark roast coffee and petunia tea

Wearing purple polka dot lightup socks so he can see when he operates.

Shopping for suits at discount stores

The game Rainbow Unicorn Dash

He hates:

Knuckle cracking for he fears arthritis that will stop him from doing surgery

British accents


Visors and designer bands

Light because he prefers dark

Growing avocado

Unicorns because he doesn't like the competition of their horns against his knifes for who is sharpest

Fake blood

Mirrors that zoom in on imperfection

Homework- he's relatable and secretly still in 6th grade, only two years above Peppa and currently attends the school his father founded

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