Peppa and the Playgroup have a class about drawing.


(zooms into playgroup)

Madame Gazelle: A ho! Hello everybody!

"Everybody": Hello Madame Gazelle!

Gazelle: Today, We will learn how to draw.

"Everybody": Ooooh!

(madame gazelle gets some paper and puts it on the table)

Gazelle: Now, everyone take a seat!

(everyone takes a seat while giggling)

Gazelle: Do you all know how to draw?

"Everyone": Yes madame gazelle!

Gazelle: Good! Now draw whatever you like!

Peppa: I'm gonna draw a flower!

(george is already drawing

Peppa: George, what are you drawing?

(George draws a dinosaur)

Peppa: Oh, George. You always put a dinosaur in everything!

Gazelle: That's okay, Peppa what are you going to draw?

Peppa: I'm going to draw a pretty butterfly!

(peppa draws a butterfly)

Peppa: Suzy! What are you drawing?

Suzy: I'm drawing a worm! *mehhhh*

Peppa: I drew a butterfly!

(Suzy and peppa giggle)

Gazelle: *Ah ho* Okay class, Please show what you have drawn up here!

(peppa goes up)

Peppa: I drew a butterfly!

Everybody: Ooooh!

(george comes up)

Narrator: George has drawn a dinosaur.

George: Grrr!!!

EB (short for everybody): ooooh!

(suzy comes up)

Suzy: I drew a worm!

EB: ooooh!

(danny comes up)

Danny: I drew a spaceship!

EB: oooh!

Emily: I drew a flower!

EB: oooh!

Rebecca: I drew a carrot!

*rebecca blushes*

EB: ohh!

Richard: Dine-saw!

EB: (giggles)

Gazelle: Pedro, Why dont you come up?

Pedro: I didn't draw anything...

(bum bum)

Gazelle: Oh, That's to bad.

Pedro: Wait! I thought of something to draw!

(pedro runs and draws)

Narrator: What could Pedro be drawing?

(pedro shows picture)

Narrator: Pedro has drawn an amazing drawing!

Peppa: Wow, Pedro! Your a really good drawer!

(pedro looks)

Pedro: I suppose I am.

(everyone laughs and flops)

(end credits)


- The word "ooooh" is overused in this episode.

- This is the first episode in season 5 too feature the playgroup.

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